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August 21, 2016

Camp Cody Engineers to Train Week On The River

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Detachment of 109th Regiment Marching Over From Camp Cody

Advices received from the head quarters of the detached battalion of the 109th engineers, on the march from Camp Cody, Deming, to Camp Courchesne, just northwest of El Paso, on the Rio Grande, said that the detachment marched 12 miles Monday, 19 miles Tuesday, 14 miles on Wednesday,  Saturday night camp will be made at the Montoya bridge and Sunday morning the short march to Camp Courchesne will be made, and there the battalion will go into permanent camp for one week, after which the return march to Camp Cody will start.

Battalion is coming for engineer training on the river. The detachment consist of one company of the first and two companies of the second battalion and portions of the headquarters company and medical detachment, all of the 109th engineers, and most of the 109th engineer train of the 34th division. Lieut. Col. P. F. Walker, 109th engineers, is in command. The detachment consists of 575 officers and men. The train comprises 32 vehicles. The total number of horses and mules is 161. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, March 29, 1918

August 13, 2016

Eight Are Sentenced For Selling Liquor To Soldiers at Camp Cody

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Eight bootleggers were sentenced today by federal judge Colin Neblett from to to 12 months, with a promise of even more severe sentences if convicted a second time. All eight were charged with smuggling intoxicants within the forbidden zone at Camp Cody. Judge Neblett was severe in denouncing those who it was shown, had sold “White Mule,” or denatured alcohol. “Any man who would sell such vile poison to one of Uncle Sam’s boys in khaki is a greater enemy to the nation than the German in the Belgian trenches,” he declared.

Judge Neblett instructed the United States attorney to gather the necessary evidence to bring to court the druggists who may have aided the bootleggers in procuring the liquor and said the court would not leave anything undone to stamp out bootlegging around encampments in New Mexico. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, January 26, 1918

August 7, 2016

Division Headquarters Building at Camp Cody Now Center of Activities

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Division headquarters building at Camp Cody has commenced to assume the appearance of a center of all activities of camp as the result of road construction. Roadways now radiate from the building, as a common center,  to the four points of the compass. The roads are built of gravel. Stones have been piled in the parking space, to indicate the spaces in which cars can stand while awaiting persons within the building. Prisoners from division stockade, on fatigue duty, have been working for several days leveling the earth around the headquarters building, digging out bushes, etc. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, March 27, 1916


Camp Cody – Deming, NM – Panel 3 of 6

July 30, 2016

Division Exchange Theater Will Open doors on Wednesday

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The opening of the new Division, Exchange theater will open its doors formally to the public next Wednesday evening with a performance of the Camp Cody Minstrel troupe, which made such a bit while playing at the Broadway theater. It is believed that the minstrel troupe will play to a capacity house.

Starting with the following week a regular schedule of entertainments will begin to be continued during the time the division is here. There will be at least two dances each week, two massed band concerts and either a theatrical or moving picture program. The dates of the dances and band concerts have not been announced, but the movie or theatrical performance will be held on Wednesday nights.

The dances will be for the enlisted men and all are invited to attend. Unless it becomes apparent that the patronage will be to heavy for all enlisted men to be asked, these dances will be open to any enlisted man in the camp. However, should the patronage prove too heavy the dances will be run by sections. The space between the stage and the benches in the stadium is being prepared for the dancing floor. It will be oiled heavily to prevent the boards warping. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, April 13, 1918

July 23, 2016

Camp Cody Division Boys Ready For Fray

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“We’re ready for the fray.” declared Lieut. Carrig. 134th infantry, in discussing with The Herald correspondent today the possible outcome of the game to be played on Sunday afternoon between the Cubs and the picked team representing the 34th division. Lieut. Carrig, who has been coaching the soldier team, won letters in both football and baseball at college. He will probably appear in the lineup on Sunday.

“The team has made rapid progress and strides during the pass week” stated Lieut. Carrig. We all feel confident that the game will be hotly contested from beginning to end”. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, April 6, 1918

July 16, 2016

Director Ashmore to Introduce Soccer for Camp Cody Athletes

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J. N. Ashmore, division athletic director, said here yesterday that soccer football, which is not well understood in many places in the United States, will be introduced at Camp Cody by means of securing two picked teams of players who are familiar with the game, and giving exhibitions. In this manner, the promoters of Soccer in the various regimental organizations can have the doubtful points explained to them on the field at the conclusion of the games. As soon as a sufficient number of teams can be secured a soccer tournament will be started. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, January 7, 1918

July 9, 2016

All Aliens Who Desire May Become Naturalized

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A United States government naturalization examiner is now stationed in Camp Cody, for the purpose of examining all men in the military service who desire to become American citizens, and to assist them in  making their applications. No other duty will be allowed to interfere with a man’s appearing when summoned. The presence of two officers or non-commissioned officers acquainted with each man’s character and qualifications for citizenship will be required in order to witness his application. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918

July 3, 2016

Troops to Leave Camp Cody at Rate of 500 a Day

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Richard Warren, general freight and passenger agent of the consolidated railways, and Garnett King, general passenger agent of the E.P. & S.W., are in Deming, New Mexico, this week supervising the transportation of the troops being demobilized at Camp Cody. Six hundred discharged soldiers were expected to leave the camp Wednesday. About 500 will be discharged and leave the camp daily, it was reported. Nearly all are from Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Minnesota. According to Hartwell McGregor, of the consolidated ticket office, the special rate of two thirds regular fare to discharged soldiers, which went into effect November 30, will be available to these soldiers, to the point of their enlistment. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918


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June 25, 2016

Demobilization At Camp Cody Now Under Way – 2 of 2

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Hold Only Regulars

Drafted men and volunteers will be discharged simultaneously and in all probability only regulars will be held. The men of the base hospital camp quartermaster corps, remount depot and other organizations will be the last to go, in the opinion of Captain Hankla. Little preference in discharges will be given men having dependents. Commissioned officers, non-coms and privates will be mustered out simultaneously. Demobilization will be orderly and discharges equalized throughout the camp.

Every man and officer before being discharged will receive a rigid physical examination, more rigid in fact than any to which they have been heretofore subjected. It is the intention of government to return the soldiers to civil life as good or better physically than they were when they entered the army.

Men failing to pass examinations will be held for observation and treatment. Discharged men will be given complete outfits of army clothing which at the end of four months will be returned to camp with the exception of underclothing and socks. The government will provide money for traveling expenses.- El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918

June 18, 2016

Demobilization At Camp Cody Now Under Way – 1 of 2

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Men are Already Being Discharged; Will Take 2 Weeks to Complete

Demobilization of the 97th division and the discharged of all men who enlisted or were drafted for the period of the war, will be completed in about two weeks and possibly sooner, is the opinion expressed by Captain William H. Hankia, camp personnel adjutant, who will direct the demobilization of the military forces here. Captain Hankia says that the discharge of men is already left for their several homes. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918

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