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June 13, 2021

Finish Building For Camp Cody Red Cross

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Camp Headquarters For Camp Cody Completed; Much Work Accomplished

The American Red Cross has recently completed it headquarters building, situated north of division headquarters. The building is one story and modeled after all other cantonment construction at Camp Cody. In it are the offices and quarters of the Red Cross personnel.

Telephones have been placed so that the Red Cross may be communicated with at any hour in the 24. The Red Cross warehouse is but a short distance from the headquarters house in section five. A complete supply of emergency articles is carried in the warehouse and will be issued on requisition of any officer of the army.

Convalescent House

At the base hospital a convalescent house was completed about July 1, and now equipped to the last pin and beautifully furnished, has been donated to the base hospital. It is being operated by the army and is in all respects, including ownership and operation a ward of the base hospital. Near the nurses quarters a nurses quarters a nurses’ recreation house, equipped with attractive furnishings has recently been erected by the Red Cross. Immediately east of the base hospital administration building the Red Cross has erected and donated to the army a pass and information office. All these building are painted white. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – September 26, 1918

Red Cross Nurses At Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico - 1918

June 5, 2021

Las Cruces, NM Man Makes Experiment With Photographic Kite At Camp Cody

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A Mr. Samuel Parks of Las Cruces, New Mexico, made an experiment at camp today with a photographic kite which is his own invention. A camera is sent up to the kite by means of a pulley, and a projecting wing which controls the shutter is tripped automatically, thereby exposing the film. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – January 11, 1918

This newspaper article was donated by Christopher Schurtz. Christoper is a historian doing research by this aerial photographer. If anyone knows of a copy of the photos taken by Samuel Parks, please contact me.

May 31, 2021

Camp Cody Development Battalion is Working Well

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Five Companies, Headquarters and Medical Staff Are Organized

The work of the development battalion, recently created, is being well organized under the direction of the following personnel:

Major Arthur M. Nelson, commanding officer.
Lieutenant G. A. Rockefeller; adjutant
Lieutenant Edwin F. Postal, supply officer.

Company No. 1

Captain James A. Kilian
First Lieutenant J. S. Kellihan
First Lieutenant E. F. Frick
Second Lieutenant P. E. Coad

Company No. 2

Captain O. M. Newman
First Lieutenant W. E. Darland
First Lieutenant F. E. Dickiuson
Second Lieutenant E. C. Dike

Company No. 3

Captain C. L. Keating
First Lieutenant L. C. Meyer
First Lieutenant W. L. Crosson
Second Lieutenant D. E. Iloof

Company No. 4

Captain W. H. Barnacle
First Lieutenant Wm. Graupman
First Lieutenant O. M. Smith
Second Lieutenant A. A. Phillips

Company No. 5

Captain John B. Miller
First Lieutenant A. F Christopherson
Second Lieutenant Andrew Alexander
Second Lieutenant L. B. Sharp, Asst. Supply Officer

Medical Staff

First Lieutenant Marlin C. Crane
First Lieutenant Charles S. Brady
First Lieutenant R. C. Eich

Purposed of Battalion

It is the purpose of the development battalion to receive from the various division organizations, men who are physically, mentally of morally unfit for efficient competent service of for efficient competent service or for special branches of domestic service and to recommend for discharge men who cannot readily be equipped for either form of service. – Camp Cody, Trench and Camp Newspaper – July 25, 1918

Camp Cody Officers In Front Of Their Tents – Deming, New Mexico – 1917-1918

May 22, 2021

Camp Cody Commander of 67th Infantry Brigade

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Although General H. A. Allen has been prominent in “affairs” at Camp Cody for the past five months, he has steadfastly refused to pose for a photo of any kind. The photo below was obtained with the conniving assistance of an aid whose identity is deleted for obvious reasons.

General Allen comes from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is one of the big men of the state. Incidentally it might be remarked here that if this war ends very soon, Iowa may boast of a real military governor and that person will be no other then General Allen. The latter has risen from a buck private in the national guard to his present position of brigadier general. He is one of the real popular officers of Camp Cody. – Camp Cody, Trench and Camp Newspaper – January 8, 1918

General H. A. Allen – Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – 1918

May 8, 2021

34th Division Soldier’s Letter Home from Camp Cody

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I finished my gas instruction today. We only had three days instruction of two hours each day, which is very limited. They have a regular gas house out north of Camp Cody about a mile which is lined so as to be practically air tight and they fill this with different kinds of gas and you sit there with one of these mask on and try it out. Yesterday we had tear gas that makes you cry real hard and today we had chlorine gas which will kill you if you get enough of it. The doctor told us there was approximately the same proportion in the air in the gas house that the British got the first time the Germans gassed them when so many of them died of the effects of it. The masks are uncomfortable things but are absolutely preventives, I guess, as long as you get them on quick enough. If there are any cases where the masks didn’t act as a preventive, he didn’t tell us anything about it. I am a little suspicious on that subject. Ray – Headquarters – 34th Division – January 30, 1918

May 3, 2021

Jacob M. Coffin, Chief Medico At Camp Cody, is Cook, Too

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Lieutenant Colonel Jacob M. Coffin, 34th division surgeon at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, is well known in El Paso and along the border. He has been at his present post since August 1917. He was in charge of the ambulances when General Pershing’s expedition was operating in Mexico and was at Fort Bliss and Fort Riley, Kansas, until he went to Camp Cody.

He is a Pennsylvanian by birth; his home town being Royersford. He was educated at Pennsylvania college and graduated in medicine at the university of that state. He was born in 1878. He became a member of the medical corps of the regular army in 1902, starting as a second lieutenant. In 1903 he graduated from the army medical school at Washington. He became a captain on October 27, 1907. He is also a graduate fro the cooks’ and bakers’ school and the field officers’ course in equitation. He was made a major in July, 1916, while serving in the punitive expedition in Mexico.

Lieutenant Colonel Coffin saw service in the Philippines, in the army medical school at Washington, D. C.; at Hot Springs, Arkansas; Yellowstone Park; Fort Riley, Kansas; and Columbus, New Mexico. He is an untiring worker of great administrative ability, of marked versatility, his every energy being bent to the service of his department of the army. He is a soldier above all things. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – January 15, 1918

Jacob M. Coffing – Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

April 26, 2021

Children Vainly Wait For Father Who Sent Them American Dolls

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A little human interest story is told at Camp Cody of Lieutenant Jean Jegou, one of the two French army officers at Camp Cody who were drowned in trying to ford the Silver City “wash|” Friday night on the way back to Camp Cody. The lieutenant had told some of his friends here that after coming to Camp Cody as on of the officer instructors of the French mission, he bought and sent back home in France two dolls, one to each of his two little girls. He said when they could see American soldiers they would run out and proudly show the dollies, telling that their papa, who was in America, had sent them and ask: “Do you know our papa who is in your country?” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – August 8, 1918

French Officer’s Funeral, Deming, New Mexico

April 17, 2021

Checker Champ of Camp Cody Wishes To Defend Title

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Soldier Takes On Two Men for Ten Games of Checkers

First Class Pvt. Olfred Gorman, of the finance branch of the Camp Cody Headquarters department, has won a great reputation as a checker player. Tonight he will take on two unknowns, both soldiers, and play two sets of five games each. Lieutenant Weis, of the dental corps, and with ambulance company 135, is the promoter of these games, which are creating marked interest. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – March 9, 1918

Checker Champ Of Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico 1918

April 11, 2021

Camp Cody Library To Be Larger

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New Books to Be Secured and More Magazines Are Subscribed

The happy cooperation between the American Library association and the Young Men’s Christian association of the camp has been most manifest the past week as one “Y” man after another has come to the library for a big box of books and bundles of periodicals for his eastern trip. Each Y. M. C. A. Man who has gone has been well supplied with books and periodicals. Thousands of books have been taken and these are to be turned over to the A. L. A. Authorities in the east and shipped to France.

Most of these books came in the great drive several months ago, but 1000 volumes were donated by chaplain Ferguson, of the 135th infantry, and hundreds came from men in the camp who wished to add their little store of books to the pile.

During the next few weeks the camp librarian will see that all Y. M. C. A. Branches are put in shape for the fall campaign. All old books will be discarded and many new and clean books will be added. It is planned to put several volumes of non-fiction in each branch books purchased for this purpose by the A. L. A.

It has been decided to supply to each Y. M. C. A. Building and the K. Of C. Hall, where the A. L. A. Maintains a branch library: Cassell’s New French Dictionary, the Literary Digest war map, Everyman’s Encyclopedia and a small atlas.

Our new librarian, Clarence W. Summer, who comes from the Sioux City public library, has been most successful in his branch work. He plans great things for our local branches. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – August 29, 1918

American Library Association – Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, 1917-1918

March 28, 2021

Camp Cody Officers’ Wives Decorate Minnesota Christmas Tree

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The 136th infantry (Second Minnesota Infantry) is the proudest regiment in the division today over its double Christmas trees, beautifully decorated with red apples and red ball hangings, and over 3,000 men out to celebrate the event. The decorations were and the men were appreciative.

Colonel W. T. Mollison and other officers made short speeches. The band was on hand. Chaplain Major E. C. Clemens (the “padre”) saw that every man got a big red apple along with the substantial gift for mother’s son from the Red Cross. – Camp Cody, Trench and Camp Newspaper – January 1, 1918

Colonel W. T. Mollison, Camp Cody – 1918
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