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May 20, 2017

Governors Protest at Breaking Up Camp Cody Units

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Secretary of war, Baker, has asked General Peyton March, chief of staff, to comply, if possible with the request of the governors of Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota who yesterday asked that their state troops at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, be sent to France only as individual units so their identity might not be lost. The governors said they were informed 5000 troops were about to leave camp as replacements. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, May 30, 1918


May 13, 2017

Government Report Give Camp Cody Ribbon as Healthy Camp

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Camp Cody is far from being the unhealthy place some of tits knockers would have the world believe. Government statistics tell another story. It is one of the most healthy camps in the entire country.

With the week of April 19, the war department at Washington began publishing a “casualty” list for the training camps of the country, including each of the places where troops are stationed, aside from the 32 recognized cantonments.

Camp dodge, Iowa, led the list with 31 deaths for the week. The names of the men were enumerated. Camp Cody had but two deaths in the same period. Camp Sherman had 17 deaths; Camp Travis, Texas 14; Camp Taylor, Kentucky, 13 deaths.

Camp Dodge, in other words, in one week went far toward the total reached by the highest month in the history of Camp Cody. That was December, when approximately 50 men died.

The average death rate for Camp Cody recently has been no more then three or four men a week, while the number of men in the hospital has been decreasing steadily according to reports in the office of the division surgeon, Colonel J. M. Coffin. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, May 3, 1918

May 8, 2017

Good News for Deming and Camp Cody

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Announcement by the chief of staff, General Peyton March, that a new division is to be created at Deming is the best news that town has had since the camp was built up to receive the division which left there at the conclusion of its training period.

Since that division’s departure, there have been may rumors about what would be abandoned; another that it would be turned into a big camp for convalescents. The version that it would become a recuperative place for convalesce may have been based on the fact that the hospital facilities at the camp have been greatly enlarged recently.

The announcement that the 97th division is to be organized at Camp Cody disposes of these two rumors and it is more likely that the new division will be found to consist of healthy young men. There will be the business of examining them, equipping them and organizing them for training. Then Deming will be as busy as when the other division was in camp.

This statement by General March is one for which Deming was been waiting for some time and it means a great deal to the town. It also is on some importance to El Paso for many El Paso firms had valuable connections in Deming.

The fact that another division is to be formed and trained at Camp Cody makes it almost certain that the camp will continue in existence as long as the war last, and if there had been any intention of abandoning the camp, that action probably would have been taken after the departure of the first division. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, September 9, 1918

May 1, 2017

Major Weaver is Appointed Camp Cody Executive Officer

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Major Carl C. Weaver has been appointed camp executive officer. The appointment came as a surprise to Major Weaver, who expressed his appreciation of the honor. His office adjoins division headquarters on the west. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, November 11, 1918

April 24, 2017

Captain M. E. Cassidy Appointed Morale Officer at Camp Cody, Deming

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Captain M. E. Cassidy, of Bisbee, Arizona, who has been assistant camp adjutant, has been appointed camp morale officer and it will be his duty to see that everything is 100 percent efficient, so far as clean and wholesome entertainments and sports and general conduct of all the troops are concerned. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, November 11, 1918

April 18, 2017

Captain George Munteanu Acting Assistant Chief of Staff at Camp Cody

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Captain George Munteanu, who has been acting chief of staff, has been appointed acting assistant chief of staff.

The polite young soldier who says: “I’ll see if the chief of staff is busy,” is private Howard Dell, who knows how to do things right. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, November 11, 1918

April 8, 2017

General Resche Discharged; Returns Home From Camp Cody

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Duluth Commander of 68th Brigade at Camp Cody, Back to Civil Life.

Brigadier General F. E. Reshce, commander of the 68th infantry brigade here, has been honorably discharged and he has been honorably discharged and he has left for his home in Duluth, Minnesota, to return to civil life. He has been in command of the 68th brigade ever since it was formed under the new army reorganization plan six months ago. The brigade is composed of the 135th infantry (1st Minnesota Infantry). 136th infantry (2nd Minnesota Infantry), and the 127th machine gun battalion, known as the South Dakota unit.

According to information gathered in El Paso, General Resche had served in the Minnesota national guard many years with distinction rising to a brigadier general. He is prominent in civil affairs in Duluth, his home city, and was once police chief there. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, April 6, 1918

April 1, 2017

General Johnston, New Camp Cody Commander, Likes Look of Troops Here

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Brigadier General John A. Johnston, newly appointed commander of the 34th division, at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, left El Paso Monday afternoon, after spending a day with General Robert L. Howze here, who showed the visitor about fort Bliss. General Johnston expressed himself well pleased with the post and particularly with the fine type of men which composes the Second cavalry brigade.

The general was traveling alone, except for his valet, who has accompanied his from Boston. An aid will be appointed at Camp Cody.

General Johnston arrived in El Paso Friday afternoon and was net at the union depot by Lieutenant James Hodgson, aid to Brigadier General Robert L. Howze, and Mrs. Howze. The general went to district headquarters and later he was taken to Fort Bliss as the guest of General and Mrs. Howze. During his stay here the general was at the Paso del Norte hotel. In company with Lieutenant Hodgson, he made a trip around El Paso Saturday morning, also visiting the several camps and the Santa Fe international bridge. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, June 1, 1918

March 25, 2017

General Johnston is Settled in 68th Brigade Quarters at Camp Cody

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Brigadier General John A. Johnston, the new commander of the 68th infantry brigade here, who recently arrived from his former command of the department of the northeast, got located on Wednesday in his permanent quarters with his command. He has had the brigade headquarters thoroughly improved for his office and quarters and a very nearby building is the office of the brigade adjutant, Major Arthur M. Nelson.

While his quarters were being remodeled, General Johnston has been the quest of Brigadier General F. G. Mauldin, commander of the division, and at the Park hotel in Deming. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, June 14, 1918

March 18, 2017

General Johnston Has Notable Career In Army

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New Commander At Camp Cody Will Visit Gen Howze, Old Friend

According to information received at military headquarters, in the Mills building, Brigadier General John A. Johnston, the newly appointed commander of Camp Cody, will spend several days in this city while en route to Deming, New Mexico, to assume command of the post.

General Johnston is a personal friend of Brigadier General Robert L. Howze and will be the quest of the district commander while he is here.

General Johnston has had a noteworthy career in the army. He graduated from the United States military academy with the class of 1879, was appointed second lieutenant of cavalry, saw service in the Indian campaigns in the west along the frontier and later was ordered to the adjutant general’s department, where he organized the system of records and returns which was an immense improvement over those used previously.

Because of his valuable services, he was promoted to the grade of brigadier general in 1902. After this, he resigned in order to take care of extensive business interests which demanded this personal attention. At the outbreak of the present war he offered his services to the president and was promptly recalled, being appointed a brigadier general, national army. He was ordered to command the northeastern department last September and has been on duty in Boston up to the time of his present assignment to Camp Cody. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, May 30, 1918

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