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June 26, 2011

Major W. G. Williams Undergoes Appendicitis Operation

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – Major W. G. Williams, assistant division adjutant was successfully operated upon for appendicitis at the base hospital, Tuesday, and is on the safe road to recovery. Major Williams is a very popular as well as very efficient member of the headquarters staff of the 97th division. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – October 24, 1918

June 18, 2011

68th Brigade Gets Ready for an Eight Days’ Hike

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – While not officially announced, the 68th infantry brigade, consisting of the 135th and 136th regiments and the 127th machine gun battalion, is expected to begin its eight days’ hike on the 17th. It is probable that it will go over the same route as that taken by the 67th infantry brigade, now out on a hike and practice march. Col. E. D. Luce, of the 135th infantry, is in command of the 68th brigade. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – May 9, 1918

June 11, 2011

An Alleged Bootlegger At Camp Cody is Held To Federal Grand Jury – 1918

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Deming, New Mexico – Samuel Ferguson, charged with transporting 24 pint flasks of whiskey, 21 pint of beer and one quart of sherry wine to within the proscribed limits of the Camp Cody training camp when taken before U.S. Commissioner B. Y. McKeyes, pleaded guilty and was held to the federal grand jury in a bond of $750.

Karl F. Bluthard, and employee of the United Fisheries here, who was arrested a few days ago and put in the county jail, was formally charged before U. S. Commissioner B. Y. McKeyes with violating the espionage act in making and tampering with military passes. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – June 14, 1918

June 8, 2011

200,000 Men Called For Army Training

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Washington, D. C. – All states except Arizona are called upon to furnish 200,000 more draft troops for mobilization between June 24, 1918 and June 28, 1918. This brings the total number of selective service men up to 1,595,704 and when they are in camp the nation’s army will number well over 2,000,000 men.

Of the 200,000 Colorado will send 1500 men to Camp Cody, New Mexico. Kansas will send 1,000 to Camp Cody, and New Mexico 500 to Camp Cody, and New Mexico 500 to Camp Cody. Texas will send 9,000 to Camp Travis. Arizona was not called upon for troops in the latest draft, because Arizona’s class 1 has been exhausted by previous calls. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – June 6, 1918

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