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May 25, 2019

Governor Lindsey to Give Camp Cody Boys Athletic Goods

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Governor W. E. Lindsey expects to present formally to the athletic commission at Camp Cody the $1,000 worth of athletic goods purchased for the use of the men at camp. The presentation is to be on Saturday. Governor Lindsey will leave here Friday, stopping enroute at Albuquerque. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, June 28, 1918


Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico 1917

May 18, 2019

Camp Cody Remount Depot Horses and Mules

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Major F. G. Brewer, commander of remount depot No. 326, says that on Thursday there were in the corrals and stables of that depot 6,500 horses and mules.

“While the depot was only designed for 5,000 head” continued the major, “we are getting by with the present number very well. J. W. Thompson company are building additional facilities which, when complete, will cost about $40,000. We expect soon to have 3,000 head more.” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – June 28, 1918


109th Eng Supply Co Remount Area

May 12, 2019

Remnant of 59th Depot Brigade Under Dakotan’s At Camp Cody

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By a new division order the last remnant of the old 59th depot brigade is carried under the name of “the surplus detachment” and is in charge of officers and noncoms of old First South Dakota cavalry.

Many New Assignments

A number of officers have been assigned to infantry and artillery regiments by an order issued from division headquarters. These include permanent and some temporary assignment, the latter to take the place of officers away to receiver instruction otherwise. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – January 2, 1918


May 6, 2019

Reclamation Plant At Camp Cody Checks Up Closely On All Wastage

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The local reclamation branch of the camp quartermaster’s department continues to add to its already demonstrated efficiency.

This branch is under the command of Captain Stanley Eiseman, under Major R. B. Sturkie, camp quartermaster. He says he has in the clothing repair shop is running a double shift, the women working in the day time and the enlisted men, who have been employed right along, working at night.

In addition to the regular shoe repair shop, there has been established temporarily a shop where some 45 civilians are employed. These came from El Paso mostly. This shop is due to a great accumulation of shoes caused by various changes in the camp.

In the matter of garbage waste from the kitchen and mess halls, the reclamation branch has instituted a system of segregation so as to check up on the amount of wastage of different articles. These separate articles, bread for instance, are weighed. Also, four inspectors are out all the time examining and checking up on the matter of kitchen waste. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, July 4, 1918


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