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February 16, 2013

Locke, Former “Mayor” of Minaca, Keeps Camp Cody Streets In Repair

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J. H. Locke, formerly of Minaca, Chih., Mexico, well know to all Americans from that state and along the border as the leading citizen of that important little Mexican town, both in the peaceful days of president Diaz and later through a great part of the revolutionary troubles which raged in and around that place, is now civilian road master, or street commissioner, in Camp Cody. He is working under Capt. E. W. Morrison, camp quartermaster, and his duties are to keep the camp roads and streets in repair and his very recent advent in that capacity is showing a marked improvement in Camp Cody highways. Every day he may be seen moving quietly through the camp directing this work, but he still dreams of his good days down in Minaca, when he was called familiarly, “the mayor,” and watches for the time when he can get back there to his property and can reestablish his transportation business from that railroad town to and from the mines in the surrounding country.

But Mr. Locke is not homeless in Camp Cody. He is an old Minnesotan and notwithstanding his having drifted down into Mexico many years ago with the noted ethnologist, Carl Lumholtz, he has found friends here, especially among the soldiers from St. Cloud, Minn., his old home town, and they urge him repeatedly to relate his experiences in Mexico and more particularly his hair-raising escape from Minaca when the Villistas were fiercely driving out the Americans. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, November 15, 1917

February 9, 2013

Lightning Kills Soldier Of Iowa

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B. C. Knutson, Barber, Co. K, 2nd Infantry Felled While at Work.

Private Burt Charles Knutson, barber, company K. Second Iowa infantry, from Merrill, whose parents lived at Jewell, Iowa, was instantly killed and private Lester L. Stinton, of the same company, from Merrill, was burned on the right leg and arm Tuesday afternoon about 4:30 o’clock by a bolt of lightning that struck the K company barbershop at the end of the company’s street in Camp Cody, while the barber was shaving Stinton.

An electrical storm which passed over the camp put out all the electric lights in camp for half an hour. A cook in company K, preparing supper, was prostrated by the shock. Several other soldiers were knocked down.

When Corp. R. B. Thomas, of L company, ran to the barber’s tent he found Knutson dead across Stinton on the ground, their clothing burning. The bold only shattered the light ridge pole across the top inside. When the lights in Deming went out on account of the storm a small fire was reported.

Stinton’s Arms Burned.

Stinton’s arms were burned by the lightning, but not dangerously. He was at once giver medical attention in the field hospital. He formerly lived at Akron, Iowa, near Sioux City.

Knutson was 27 years of age. He and Stinton enlisted in the company in April. The dead soldier’s body will be shipped to Jewell today, probably accompanied by a brother, Peter Knutson, private company F, Second Minnesota. The brother arrived at Camp Cody at 3 o’clock Tuesday morning and called on Burt at 11 o’clock.

Company K has been designated as a part of the 127th machine gun battalion, forming for the 68th infantry brigade. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, October 3, 1917

February 2, 2013

Lieutenant Henri Negre, French Officer, Guest of Honor at Numerous Events

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Lieutenant Henri Negre was the guest of honor at a dinner given at the Hotel Paso Del Norte Sunday evening. Lieutenant Negre of Camp Cody spent several days in El Paso and was shown many social courtesies while here. Among those participating in this affair were: John M. Wyatt, A. P. Coles, Burt Orndorff, E. W. Kayser, M. Coblentz, James Graham McNary, French Consul J. M. Romagny.

Lieutenant Negre is recently from France, where he fought in the artillery for six months on the firing line. He is stationed at Camp Cody, where he is giving instructions to the soldiers. He arrived in El Paso Saturday in company with Brigadier General Mauldin, Brigadier General Harries, and aides, Lieutenant Meyer and Lieutenant Harries, to attend the Liberty bond luncheon.

Saturday afternoon Lieutenant Negre was entertained by A. P. Coles, Zack L. Cobb and Burt Orndorit, who conducted him on a sightseeing trip through Fort Bliss. While at Fort Bliss he called on Colonel Tompkins and Colonel Anderson.

Lieutenant Negre made an address before the N. B. Club Saturday afternoon at their benefit card party at the Sheldon hotel. His talk was greatly appreciated by his hearers there.

At the El Paso Country club dance Saturday evening, where he was entertained by A. P. Coles, he was the center of attraction. He will remain in El Paso until Monday evening and during his stay here, he is being entertained at the Toltec Club. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – October 30, 1917

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