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June 30, 2018

Non-Effective Men at Camp Cody Decreasing

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In commenting upon the constant decrease in the number of non-effective members of the 34th division, Major H. M. Nelly, division adjutant, says in Weekly Bulletin No. 82.

“The constantly decreasing non-effective rate is very gratifying to all who are vitally interested in the health and effectiveness of this division. The improvement is not only seasonal, but reflects the intelligence and devotion to duty of the regimental medical officers and the company officers.”

“The early detection of bad habits and of minor ailments is a characteristic if the officers of those organizations which have the low non-effective rates and it is also noticeable that in these same organizations the men are very loyal to their officers. The conclusion is not difficult to draw.”

“The number of sick per thousand for this camp as a whole for Friday, April 19, 1918, was 26.14. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, April 22, 1918


Non-Effective Rate at Camp Cody 21.9 per 1000 for Division

The already good health of this camp and the division continues to improve. The non-effective rate per 1000 men on Friday, April 26, was only 21.9 men for the 34th division proper and 23.6 men for the entire camp. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, April 29, 1918


June 23, 2018

Camp Cody Chairman Finley says Buy Football Tickets Now

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“No need of enthusiasm at Deming and Camp Cody. They are already enthused,” stated C. H. Finley on his return from a trip to those points to boost the Bliss-Cody football game at the high school stadium Thanksgiving. “Gen. Lindsay, of Camp Cody, is about the most enthusiastic booster of the big game. He says that such a worthy event is a great thing for the morale of the soldiers, and I want to assure Fort Bliss fans and players that nothing is being left undone over there to win Thursday. They are clean sports out to win. I am assured that they will bring between 2,000 and 3,000 on their special.

“All the details of the game were completed, all the officials decided on except one. Until complete the list will not be announced. We did not succeed in getting the exact lineup of the Camp Cody team, but ascertained that it is composed largely of collegians and well know professionals. We were treated royally, but when official business was over, we were done. Nobody is allowed to witness their practice.

“What we need here now is for the big downtown public to get on their mettle for this big annual charity event and all buy tickets now. There is an abundance of enthusiasm at Fort Bliss, plenty of it at the high school. With our business men, clerks and everybody taking hold, the stadium must be filled. It all goes for charity, the cause could not be more worthy. Buy tickets now. That helps. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, November 25, 1918


Camp Cody Football Team

June 17, 2018

Nine New Lieutenants Joins Engineers At Camp Cody

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The 109th engineers at Camp Cody have received from Camp Lee, Va nine new second lieutenants, all of whom, except the last named, are of the national army and the one excepted is of the national guard. They are 2nd Lieutenants Stanley B. Marsh, Earl P. Manley, James L. Mayer, Milton S. Hindholm, Victor C. Light. Bert Lund, E. C. McFadden, D. J. Lynch jr., and James Luchini. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, June 14, 1918


Col. Martin and Staff at Camp Cody

June 9, 2018

Camp Cody New Yorkers Can Vote

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All soldiers who are citizens of New York are permitted to vote at Camp Cody, in accordance with the laws of that state. There are several officers and a number of enlisted men who may avail themselves of this privilege. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, October 9, 1918


June 2, 2018

New Mexico Doctors gather for Army Tips at Camp Cody

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About 29 physicians serving on army draft boards in this state arrived at Camp Cody Wednesday and are getting instructions from Lieutenant Colonel Jacob M. Coffin and army surgeons for use in selecting draft men. The doctors came by suggestions of governor W. E. Lindsey, who is expected here Friday. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, July 25, 1918


Camp Cody Hospital Area 1918

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