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February 29, 2020

Three Camp Cody News Stories from Iowa

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Marble Rock boys musicians Transferred to Camp Cody

When the last transfer of troops took place at Camp Cody it included two of our Marble Rock boys musicians Merland Stroud and Matt Paulas. We now have but two of our own boys at Camp Cody, Corporal Ernest Stroud and Corporal Harold McElroy. – From “Iowa Recorder” June 26, 1918


Y.M.C.A. buildings being erected at Camp Cody

B. E Manville, local real estate dealer, accepted an offer to take charge of one of the great
Y.M.C.A. buildings being erected at Camp Cody at Deming, N. M., and has left to take up the new work. Manville volunteered to donate his ser­vices to the cause. He has charge of one of five great buildings and has five secretaries, one of whom is Ray Clearman of Oxford. – From ”Iowa Recorder” September 19, 1917


Zella leaves for Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

Mrs. Zella Downs-Shook leaves today for Deming, New Mexico, to remain there for a while to be near her husband who is located at Camp Cody. – From Iowa Recorder April 24, 1918


4th Nebraska And 3rd Minnesota at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

February 24, 2020

Elmer Goeddard, Co. A 125 M. G. Bn., Camp Cody, New Mexico.

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The Recorder joins with the home folks In extending greeting to the boys and we ask that should they change locations to keep us posted so the paper will follow them.

From “Iowa Recorder” – March 13, 1918


4th Nebraska And 3rd Minnesota at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

February 16, 2020

Camp Cody Sandstorm Division Adopts Bison Head Crest

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The 34th division, officially known as the Sandstorm division, has chosen as its crest something very appropriately to the country where It has been train­ed and where the drought of the past two and one half years has furnished many samples of the article chosen. The crest is a bleached bison head, reminiscent of the signature of Charles W, Russell, the famous painter of west­ern pictures.

Photographs taken of the division a few days ago, before some of Its units were moved to other stations, show the crest formed by the grouping of the men, the Illusion of the bleached bones of the head and the horns being brought out by having men with white caps or in their white under-shirts out­line the skull. The words Honor, Duty and Country are also brought out in white around the skull, and the re­mainder of the picture is made up of the dark tone of Khaki.

Sixteen thousand men are in the picture which was taken by Newman, the photographer, and close to two thousand of them are used to form the crest and the motto of the division,. The photograph Is an excellent one, clear and distinct in every detail. 3. A. Mahoney, Inc., has secured the selling agency for the Picture and the firm will also take orders for enlargements. I L. H. Whitmore, the advertising man of the Mahoney store, has made special window decorations for the display of the pictures, with a back-ground of patriotic colors, and the crowds that stop to admire the pictures come very close to blocking traffic on the side­walk in front of the store. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Date Unknown


34th Sandstorm Division – Camp Cody – Deming, New Mexico


February 8, 2020

Bread For The Camp Cody Soldiers

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Lt. It L. Hefly, Q. M. C., N. A., commander of bakery company 345, has 204 men making from 18,000 to 25,000 pounds of bread for the soldiers at Camp Cody each day. Fourteen army field ovens are in use. Lieutenant Hefly is from the school of bakers and cooks at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, and many of his bakers followed the trade before they entered the Army service. – Deming Headlight 14 June 1918

– – – – – – – – – –

The 68th comprising 6,000 men is back from a week’s hike in the Tyrone and Hurley area. Colonel E. D. Luce commands. – Deming Graphic” – May 1918


Bake Ovens – Camp Cody, New Mexico

February 2, 2020

Camp Cody Engineer Regiment Will Build Road

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The 109th Regiment of Engineers from Camp Cody under the command of Colonel F.B. Downing and Lieut. Col. P.F. Walker will spend 10 days under canvass near Mimbres and turn the training of their men into a piece of road that will remain for many years as a monument to their visit to this section. Road building in one of the important duties which fall to the engineers and on this hike the regiment will do some real road building, a bad spot on the Mimbres road having been selected for the purpose.

The party will consist of Companies A, B, C, D, E, and F, 109th Engineers and one platoon of miners and sappers from the 133, 134, 135, and 136th Infantry, making a total of 1500 men. Their headquarters will be established near the Three Circle Ranch where water in abundant. This is one of the beautiful spots of New Mexico and it is hard to imagine that it will prove an agreeable change for the soldiers from Deming. – “The Silver City Enterprise” May 31, 1918


Mimbres Valley, New Mexico, 1918

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