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November 24, 2018

General James R. Lindsay, commanding the 97th Division

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E. E. Nold, an experienced and prominent business man of El Paso, for some time camp business secretary of Camp Cody, has been made acting camp general secretary, vice Cylde M. Becker resigned, now a first lieutenant in engineer corps, U. S. A.
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The Red Cross Orchestra in which several famous bands of the United States are represented, is one of the Camp Cody entertainment features most enjoyed by officers and men.
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General James R. Lindsay, commanding the 97th Division, Camp Cody, has caused to be instituted fine outdoor entertainments every week day and Sunday evening at the division stadium, and outdoor natural amphitheater where comfortable seats are provided for thousands of soldiers at one time. All welfare bodies co-operate with the military in providing the very best obtainable.

Deming Graphic – Friday November 15, 1918


November 17, 2018

Camp Cody Soldier get a French military decoration

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The first “Croix de guerre” man to arrive at Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexico is Major Wm. T. Cook, commanding field battalion 62. This distinguished honor was conferred upon Major Cook for conspicuous gallantry in action during the operations connected with the capture and defense of Catigny. May 27 to 31, Major Cook is strong for the work of the welfare organizations which back up the fighting lines “over there.” “I don’t know what the boys in trenches would do without them” said Major Crook.

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The Liberty Theatre is being greatly enlarged and improved by the addition of a high stage that will accommodate the large theatrical troops that will visit Camp Cody during the winter. – Deming Graphic – Friday November 15, 1918

FrenchMilitaryDecoration_Croix de guerre

French Military Decoration – Croix de guerre

November 11, 2018

Camp Cody Reclamation Branch

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The reclamation Branch of the quartermaster corps at Camp Cody in Deming, NM, brought to a remarkable state of perfection by Captain Stanley Eisman and his able assistants, Lieutenant J. S. Donovan, Lieutenant F. R. Jordan, Lieutenant F. W. Racine and a well selected office staff and corps of operatives, operates one of the most interesting demonstrations of what the war has developed in economy measures. It is the reclamation hat shop, which has an expert instructor, Private O. H. Runkel, formerly with the John B. Stetson Co. who came here with a thorough knowledge of the business from Camp Meade, Maryland. He is given splendid assistance by privates John Tyler, Perry Pugh and Bernard Farry and four soldier trimmers.

With an equipment gotten up very largely by the utilities branch, with the exception of the hat blocks and an eyelet machine manufactured by private Fred Khron, of the reclamation repair shop, this small but energetic force figures on turning out about one hundred perfectly reclaimed hats per day.

This branch of the conservation service is almost creative in its labor. It takes an article that has already served it purpose and makes of it a much better article than it was in the first place. Uncle Sam couldn’t buy for $1.25, the original price of the hat, an article nearly as good as the one reclaimed for 3 cents; thus eight soldiers are performing the double service of conservation and reclamation. Incidentally they are saving their country a hundred dollars per day out of practically nothing. – Deming Graphic – Friday November 15, 1918


Camp Cody Reclamation Branch

November 5, 2018

Letter From Danuel Sholes – Part 2 of 2

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Dear Father and Mother

The country here was about the same as it was in Texas, mostly ranch country. As we moved on west the country changed, we began to see sage brush and cactus, there were no towns, just a depot and a few shacks, talk about crooked roads they were so crooked that we almost met ourselves coming back. We stopped at Vown for a little rest, this was a town about the size of Orchard, I don’t know what the people live on, there was not a thing but sage brush, cactus and sand, still they all seemed to live and to enjoy themselves.

I was put on guard from 10:00 to 12:00 that night, we stopped and changed cars at Belen, that looked like a quite a city. I went on duty again at 4:00 in the morning, it was so dark I couldn’t see much of the country. I could see something that looked like fields of grain but as it got lighter I saw my great mistake, my large fields of grain turned out to be sage brush and cactus. We were getting into the foothills of the mountains such a looking country we made one stop between there and Deming, I do not know the name of the town, I don’t think it had a name.

We arrived at Deming just before noon, I was in hopes that Deming would be different, but the cactus grows bigger then ever they stand higher than my head. Now if you don’t believe it come and see.

They hauled us out here to the camp our tents were ready for us, but talk about sand, it was about ankle deep. I think Uncle Sam had a spite at us when he sent us here, it began to rain that afternoon and has rained every day since, they are having their rainy season it will rain for about three weeks and then not rain again for a year. It is colder here than in Nebraska, we are 43,000 feet above the sea level.

I was at Deming for the first time last night there were between 10 and 15 hundred soldiers there. We have to be in at 10:00, there are 35,000 of us here now, we are all feeling fine. I haven’t done any drilling yet, have been getting the ground cleared off. We have lots of pets here such as horned toads, but spiders and lots of other things to numerous to mention.

Well it has stopped raining the sun is coming out and I have a washing to do, so will have to close for this time, answer soon. I am writing on the head of a nail keg.

Your son
Daniel Sholes

Orchard, Antelope County, Nebraska Newspaper – September 20, 1917


Daniel Sholes on the right – Letter and Photo Donated by Sandy Dempsey

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