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June 24, 2017

Credit Camp Cody With Being Healthiest Camp In U. S.

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Deming maintains its lead as the healthiest army camp location in the United States, for the Official Bulletin quotes the surgeon general of the United States as follows, the statement being authorized by the war department:

“Camp Cody again has the lowest sick rate of all camps of this group (divisional camps), camps Sevier, Beauregard and Shelby having the highest sick rates. The largest number of new cases of pneumonia reported from a single camp is 13 (camp Cody).”

At Camp Cody, in addition to the 13 new cases of pneumonia there were 21 new cases of venereal disease, 17 cases of measles, and no deaths, while the noneffective rate was only 18 per thousand. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday August 12, 1918


June 17, 2017

Grenade Kills Camp Cody Officer

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Lieutenant Olaf Damm Is Killed in Accident

A hand grenade, accidentally thrown into a trench yesterday, exploded and killed First Lieutenant Olaf B. Damm, company G, 136th infantry. A non-commissioned officer who was standing by him while a squad was practicing bomb throwing, was taken to the hospital with a severe case of shock. He was not wounded, however.

After the explosion, a brother of the dead officer, Lieutenant George B. Damm, ran to the trench and called for his brother. The non-commissioned officer, crawling out of the dust and smoke, pointed to a huddle of cloth and torn flesh.

Lieutenant Damm and the non-com were standing in the short side of an L shaped trench, watching the effect of grenades thrown by the squad in the long side. It is supposed one of the bombers made a bad throw and the grenade veered off to the short trench. The non-commissioned officer is said to have seen it coming and to have shouted a warning as he dropped to the bottom of the trench.

The Lieutenants Damm were formerly Minnesota national guard officers and had been at Camp Cody a long time. Their parents, who had been visiting them, left for their home in Austin, Minnesota a few hours before the accident. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – August 21, 1918


Three Camp Cody Soldiers

June 10, 2017

Pay Day At Camp Cody, Deming, NM

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Pay day started in Camp Cody Monday, the 134th infantry and some of the artillery units being, remembered by the paymaster, in consequence more money than usual has been in circulation amount the business men of Deming. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, April 10, 1918

National Guard - Co 1 - Deming, New Mexico

National Guard – Co 1 – Deming, New Mexico

June 4, 2017

Out in the Field at Camp Cody

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Both the 135th and 136th infantry regiments spent two days in hike in the field last week. Their maneuvers involved the working of various combat problems. Spaulding ranch, Hondale and Watkin’s ranch were their camping places. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, April 10, 1918


Showers at Camp Cody

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