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September 30, 2014

Arizona Congressman To Go to Camp Cody As Major in 97th Division

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Carl Hayden, congressman from Arizona, has been commissioned a major of infantry in the United States army for the duration of the war and ordered to duty with the 97th division, now being organized at Camp Cody, New Mexico.

Over a year ago Mr. Hayden wrote a letter to the president, tendering his services and referring to the record on file in the war department of his previous services of over ten years as an officer in the national guard of Arizona. The president made the following reply:

The White House – Washington, August 14th, 1917.

My Dear Mr. Hayden:

Your letter of August 12th certainly does you great honor, and I am going to take the liberty of handing it on to the secretary of war in the hope that he may see some opportunity to avail himself of your offer. Cordially and sincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, October 17, 1918

September 20, 2014

Are You Ready for big Camp Cody Minstrel Show?

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Are you ready for the biggest, best amateur show in the history of Deming? If you are not, get wise and get in line early to purchase seats for the All-Cody Minstrels, who open their engagement Monday night at the Broadway theater.

The show is a knockout, a scream with its roaring, rampant fun. Musical numbers galore, with solo singers possessed of find voices and a chorus of more than 100 men who can make real music.

In addition, there will be specialties of a sort calculated to open the eyes of the person not hitherto acquainted with the real talent in the camp.

The rule of the box office, except of a few rows reserved for the use of officers and their families, will be “first come, first served”. The price of admission will be 25 cents for soldiers or their families and 50 cents for civilians. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, April 1, 1918

September 13, 2014

Approximately 7,000 Men to Be Brought to Camp Cody Very Soon

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The announcement that approximately 7,000 men of the selective draft were to be brought to Camp Cody the latter part of this month did not surprise anyone in the 34th division. While it was not known in the camp from what states the troops would be drawn, it had been rumored for several days that this number would be here in a few weeks.

The persistence of the rumor, reenforced by the unofficial hints from sources of authority, caused the division staff to begin preparations for the reception of the drafted men. Orders have been placed with the office of the camp quartermaster for sufficient tent floors to accommodate the men.

They are expected to arrive here shortly after the 25th, it was learned. They will be placed temporarily at least in sections nine and ten in a contact camp. Their later disposition has not been specified, although it is believed they will be absorbed by the division.

The commandant of the contact camp has not been named as yet by division headquarters. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, May 6, 1918

September 7, 2014

All-Cody Minstrel Has Downtown Workout at “Broadway”

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The first down town rehearsal of the All-Cody minstrel show was held Monday afternoon at the Broadway theater. It went with a snap and finish showing that the men not only were talented but were putting their hearts into the effort.

While none wore costume, and save for the scenery on the stage, there was not color to mar the general effect of the olive drab uniforms, nevertheless the rehearsal gave an insight into what the company could do when it got going. The harmony was exquisite, reflecting great credit no only on the singers, but the producer, Jack Yellen, as well.

Following the rehearsal, the men stayed down town to be the guests of Manager Brown of the Broadway at a performance of “It Pays to advertise”. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, March 27, 1918

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