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November 21, 2015

Camp Cody’s 68th Brigade Goes On Hike

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Men and Trains March Toward Tyrone for 9 days practice.

Col. Erle D. Luce commanding took a 9 day hike staying at Sand Spur 4 miles east of Tyrone, then to Whitewater. Other points passed well be Spaulding, Faywood Station, and Apache Tejo. Ed. Note: Spaulding is also Spalding

Brigade consists of 135th and 136th Infantry and the 127th Machine Gun Battalion. Other commanders Col. N.P. Hyatt of 109th Headquarters Train. Lt. Col. R. M. Pederson of the 2nd Ambulance Companies and Field Hospital. Co. – “Trench and Camp  May 23, 1918” by “El Paso Herald Post”

November 14, 2015

Camp Cody’s YMCA in Deming, New Mexico News

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No Arrest Yet

Working with a speed and silence that would indicate much practice in the art of burgling, someone, whose identity has not been established as yet, jimmied the safe of Y. M. C. A. building No. 5, abstracted approximately $830 in cash which had been taken during the afternoon for express money orders, then escaped. While several apparent clues were followed by the military police, who were called in, none has led to anything sufficiently definite to warrant arrests and conviction. – From Deming Headlight – January 4, 1918


C. B. Marvin, building secretary, has gone to Douglas, Ariz., to be secretary of the Y. M. C. A. building now under construction at Camp Harry J. Jones. He has been succeeded by S. C. Wigg of Omaha, Neb. The Christmas celebration was featured by the presence of a number of children from Deming, who gave a program Sunday night. Ralph Hernandez, Spanish teacher, has returned from a holiday visit to his home at Albuquerque, N. M. Mr. R. E. Dunne has arrived to take I the post as physical director. – From Deming Headlight – January 4, 1918

November 7, 2015

Chicago Cubs Play at Camp Cody in Deming Today

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For Deming Soldiers Two Games are Scheduled with Santa Rita And One With Soldiers Team April 5, 6, and 7

Silver City people will have an excellent opportunity to see the Chicago Cubs in a series of three games which will be played at Santa Rita and Camp Cody early next month. The schedule is as follows: Cubs Vs Santa Rita at Santa Rita April 5; Cubs Vs Santa Rita at Camp Cody, April 6; Cubs Vs Camp Cody at Camp Cody, April 7.

Seating accommodations to be provided for 8,000 people in the Camp Cody stadium and over $2000.00 is in the fund which will be used to put the playing field into condition and to provide extra seating. It is
announced the Alexander and Killifex, Chicago’s new $80,000 battery will work in the game on April 5th in Santa Rita.

The baseball fans in Silver City and vicinity, all in a starved condition for baseball, will probably take in all three games, the extra trip to Deming being more than compensated for in the opportunity it will give to see the big Army camp. The barriers which surround the camp are to be down on the occasion of the ball games and visitors will be admitted without the formality of a pass. Major T. C. Crimmins, Assistant judge advocate, of the 34th Division, is baseball manager for the Camp Cody, and has as his chief assistant Captain T. N. Ashmore War Department Athletic Officer. About a hundred men responded to the call for players and among the number were many semi-pro and college stars from the north and east. From these a slashing good team will be developed. Practice games will be played with Santa Rita, Hurley, Tyrone, and Fort Bayard and it is not impossible that one or more of the games will be played in Silver City. Admission to the games at Deming will be $1.10 for civilians, including the war tax, and 55 cents for soldiers. – The Silver City Enterprise” March 22, 1918

November 3, 2015

Camp Cody Ambulance Corps Visits Silver City

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The 133rd Ambulance Co. Of the 109th Sanitary Transportation regiment stationed at Camp Cody made a trip to Silver City this week on a practice hike. They spent Thursday night in the city and were camped at Plata Vista. Captain R.W. Smith was in charge of the company and was accompanied by Captain Hooker of this city. There were 14 trucks in the outfit. – The Silver City Enterprise – February 8, 1918


Captain Finlayson at Camp Cody Banquet

One of the guests who attracted much attention at the banquet given Saturday night in Deming by the sixty-seventh brigade in honor of the Thirty-Fourth Division, Major General A.P. Blocksom, was lieutenant R.K. Finlayson of the fifty-second Canadian Infantry of Winnipeg, and now residing in Tyrone. Dressed in his field uniform and obliged to walk with a cane, as the result of a serious injury to one of his legs when struck by a piece of shell at the Somme, Lieutenant Finlayson was an inspiration to the younger officers present, and he was bombarded by many question after the dinner by a throng of officers anxious to meet him and receive first-hand information on condition on the other side of the first line. When the war broke out the officer was a law student at Winnipeg. His injury will prevent him from rendering any further active service in the field. He will visit indefinitely at Tyrone, NM, with his sister Mrs. L.L. Miner, whose husband Dr. Miner, has charge of the Phelps Dodge hospital at the big mining camp. – The Silver City Enterprise –  February 1918

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