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October 26, 2019

Camp Cody Soldiers Joke about Absent Men

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The 134th Infantry (5th Nebraska infantry) has lost two officers, Captain Glynn S. Willey and Lieutenant Jean Cobbey, the regimental chaplain, both out of service of the regiment. Those two officers left their tent signs behind them, so some joker thought the other day these signs ought to mark the memory of the departed ones. As there is always plenty of sand along officers’ row, two neat mounds of it were heaped up, the two respective signs were nailed to boards and placed one each at the east end of a sand mound.

As the joked looked real good, the tent sight of Lieutenants George L. Ailes and George P. Gillen, both on duty out at the trenches, marked two other mounds alongside the first two mentioned. While stones marked suggestively the foot of each of the four mounds. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, April 29, 1918


Camp Cody Soldiers – Park Scene – Deming, New Mexico – Train Depot

October 21, 2019

Three Barracks To Be Erected at Camp Cody For Use of Cooks and Bakers

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Instructions have been received by the construction quartermaster, Major Frederick P. Simonds, for erecting three two story barracks buildings for the housing of 66 men each, who will constitute the student cooks and bakers and attendant personnel of the permanent cooks’ and bakers’ school to be established here under the command of Captain H. B. Oursler.

These buildings will each be 30 by 60 feet. In addition, there is to be a one story building, 20 by 112 feet, for a mess hall and kitchen and another 20 by 42 feet for lavatories and shower baths. The site for the buildings have not been determined. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, June 14, 1918


A Company kitchen and Street – Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

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