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May 28, 2016

7,061 New Men for Camp Cody

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Arriving from New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado

Deming, N.M., May 28. — The 7,061! newly drafted soldiers from New Mexico ion, Arizona, Texas and Colorado have been arriving at Camp Cody according to, schedule, as follows:

May 25—191 from New Mexico.
May 26—445 from New Mexico
May 27—-476 from Texas, 961 from Arizona, 1,112 from Colorado.
May 28—836 from Arizona, 67d from Colorado, 168 from New Mexico, 400 from Texas.
May 29—437 from Texas.
May 30—485 from, Texas, 181 from I New Mexico, 269 from Colorado.
May 31—402 from Texas, 22 from Colorado.

The new troops are being quartered in what is known as the ‘casual camp” in command of Major Philpot. They will form a replacement brigade, from which men will be picked to keep the other units in camp filled. Approximately 150 commissioned and 600 “on. commissioned officers have been picked from the troops now in camp to officer the newcomers. Last week this impressive bunch of officers had com­mand of one lone recruit.


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May 21, 2016

Another Fire at Camp Cody

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The second mysterious fire in three days at Camp Cody did about $300 damage at the 109th field signal battalion exchange last week. The Deming fire department turned out, but the fire was out before they arrived. The origin of the fire is uncertain, as nobody was around the exchange when it started. – Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper – May 20, 1918

May 15, 2016

$1,000 To Battery A. Camp Cody Boys

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Albuquerque Woman Gives $1,000 To Battery A. Boys; Council of Defense Matches $1,000 for Cody

Mrs. R. E. Putney Interested in Securing of Athletic Supplies for Soldiers and Total of $2000 Will Tickle Men at Deming Cantonment; Another $1,000 Given to the Red Cross.

Mrs. B. E. Putney of Albuquerque has set an example of toward the soldiers which ought to stimulate many others to show a similar gift. R. E. Puntey on behalf of Mrs. Putney yesterday wired Senator A A. Jones at Washington asking to transmit by cable to the commanding officer of Battery A 146th Field Artillery in the American Expedition Force in France, the sum of $1000 to be used in whatever they may see fit subject to the order of the commanding officer and draw upon Mrs. Whitney for the amount.

Mrs. Putney has also sent a check for $1000 to Camp Cody to be used for the purchase of athletic supplies for the men there, following the discovery that what they have had are exhausted and about worn out and the funds are exhausted. At the suggestion of Mrs.  Putney the council of defense with the approval of the government  who first ascertained that the New Mexico boys at Linda Vista have plenty of such supplies sent another check for $1000.00 to join that of Mrs. Putney Camp Cody and the boys are exuberant ordering new baseball bats, balls and other sporting paraphernalia to the tine of $2000.


Not content with these generous contributions Mrs. Putney also helped start the Red Cross drive in Albuquerque in with a donation of $1000. The Putnevs first became interested in the athletic supply matter when Major Nelly and Chaplain Ferguson told Mr. Putney about the situation at the Scottish Rite reunion here.  Mrs. Putney’s idea was that as other states are doing generous things for New Mexico boys. Encamped elsewhere should look after soldiers within their borders just as solicitously as her own. The governor and the defense council however felt that in the case of a state donation it was first advisable to see how the New Mexico boys were fixed on this proposition, which was quite a natural attitude. That being cleared up satisfactorily the governor informed Mr. And Mrs. Putney enthusiastically that the state would gladly match her $1000 for the Camp Cody boys and the Attorney Generals Office put a prompt O. K. on it. – From Santa Fe New Mexican –  May 20, 1918

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