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June 27, 2009

Homemade Ice on Sale Now for Camp Cody Soldiers

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The Deming Headlight newspaper reported back in May of 1918 that the “Deming Ice and Electric Company” has increased its ice making capacity to twenty-five tones daily. This is up from seven and a half tons daily in past summers. Deming originally did not need this much ice before Camp Cody was built. Camp Cody already has its own ice making plant for the soldiers but the Deming plant supplies the need of the Camp Cody hospital.

The town of Deming has grown so much since the soldiers arrived at Camp Cody that extra ice had to be shipped in during the summer. The ice will be made from distilled water and will be germ free. Besides making improvements to the improved Deming Ice plant the entire building was whitewashed and cleaned up from one end to the other, so that it will present an appearance of a high level of cleanliness.

1918 Deming Ice and Electric Plant

1918 Deming Ice and Electric Plant

June 20, 2009

Camp Cody Boys to receive Jellies – May 17, 1918

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The Iowa Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) has been making and sending supplies of jellies, jams, marmalades and fruit butters to their Iowa soldiers stationed at Camp Cody. The soldiers from Iowa really appreciate the sweet testimonial sent to them by the folk’s back home. The army does not lack for food supplies but the delicacies and welcome remembrance from home is really appreciated by the Iowa boys at Camp Cody.

The Nebraska WCTU is also planning to follow the Iowa example and send fruit preserves to the boys from Nebraska that are at Camp Cody. Anyone having supplies of jellies, jams, marmalades, etc. are urged to co-operate as much as possible in this movement. It is desired to have the shipments sent so they arrive at Camp Cody by June 1. – Deming Headlight Newspaper May 17, 1918

June 7, 2009

May 1918 – More Men For Deming’s Camp Cody

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Ninety-one years ago the Deming Headlight reported that New Mexico had been ordered by the provost general’s office to furnish 985 men for the May draft and that those men were to be sent to Camp Cody for training. The men had a five-day period starting on May 25, 1918 to entrain for camp. This was just a small part of the 7,000 New Mexico, Arizona and Texas men that Washington ordered to report Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexcio¬†within a short time.

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