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September 28, 2013

30 Tubercular Soldiers At Camp Cody to Quit Service

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Out of 5,000 men of the five state military organizations in camp here, it is reported that one half on one percent have been discovered to be suffering from an incipient tuberculosis. The actual number to be discharged on this account is 30, it was stated.

The regiments examined by the special army board headed by Captain E. S. Bullocke, Silver City, and Lieutenant Paul Gallagher, of El Paso, are the Second Iowa, Third Minnesota and Fourth Nebraska. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, September 27, 1917

September 21, 2013

To Entertain Camp Cody’s Troops

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Deming People Welcome Men at the Armory; Plan Stadium in Reservoir

A publicity campaign has been adopted by the local war board in which speeches at motion picture exhibitions and church meetings have operated strongly to enlist the services and support of all the citizens of Deming in the program of recreations that has been framed for the benefit of the soldiers at Camp Cody.

At a meeting which the board held with Myron A. Kesner, war department representative on training camp activities, some preliminary steps were taken to put the program into operation at once. The first activity will be the publication of placards which will be posted on the bulletin boards of each company headquarters containing a full directory of amusements and recreations. This will be begun at once.

Turning Reservoir Into Stadium

The largest project now under consideration is the transformation of a huge reserve reservoir into an athletic stadium that will seat 20,000 people. This reservoir, half way between the camp and the town, will require only the addition of tiers of seats constructed on its sides to effect the transformation and the level floor of it is declared by Mr. Kesner to be ideal for spectacular games of every sort. It is 800 feet square.

It has been decided also to convert the new national guard armory building into a soldiers’ club, which will easily accommodate 2,000 soldiers at a time. Pool and other games will be installed, and public dances, chaperoned by prominent women of the town, will be given on the second floor.

A wild west show, made up of talent from the New Mexico cattle country is being contemplated for some time in the fall when the camp is in full swing. This will be advertised as a “frontier day.” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, August 27, 1917

September 14, 2013

Indiana Girl Travels 1500 Miles to Wed Soldier Lover at Camp Cody

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Miss Flora Prall, of Henryville, Indiana, is the first Camp Cody bride. She traveled here 1500 miles to wed private Robert Ray Guernsey, C company, sixth Nebraska, which came from Omaha. Reverent Mr. Bell, pastor of the Deming Methodist church, married the lovers at his home.

Bride and groom have been acquainted many years, being sweethearts when Guernsey, an employe of Swift & Company, at Omaha, was called to the colors. They have taken a residence in Deming. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – October 1, 1917

September 7, 2013

Camp Cody Target Ranges Will Have Phones To Fire Control

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Telephone connection with the target ranges from headquarters of the schools of fire in each of the southern army camps will be made by the signal corps, it was announced at San Antonio. The range west of Camp Cody will be so equipped, it is reported.

Camp Cody’s men may hear Harry Lauder, famous Scotch comedian sing. He will arrive in the United States this month, to visit only soldiers camps. Lauder lost his son in battle in France, and has dedicated his services to the allied armies as a singer.- El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, October 9, 1917

Company Street Military Encampment

Company Street Military Encampment

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