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December 25, 2011

Brewster County – Ammunition Train From Iowa

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Brewster County Sends 18 To Army At Camp Cody

Alpine, Texas – Brewster county has sent 18 young men to Camp Cody. They went with the Crockett, Upton and Pecos county contingent for Camp Cody.

Alpine citizens turned out in large numbers to bid goodbye to the local boys. Those going from Brewster were: John Reininger, William Shackelford, William Martin, Willie Lemons, Carl Steadham, Andrew Bristo, Henry Horn, Richard Derriek, Jimmie C. Wade, Ed Schnaubert, Hoolyoon McSpadden, Joe White, Van D. Hargus, Morris Metosky, Celestine Carrasco, Pink Phelps and Clifford Hord, Graham McDonnell, who has been living in Arizona, asked to be allowed to go with this contingent and met them at Deming.  – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, June 4, 1918

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Ammunition Train From Iowa Reaches Camp Cody

Soldiers of the ammunition train of the Iowa brigade arrived here in a special train late Thursday night. Other Iowa organizations are expected. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, September 28, 1917

December 17, 2011

Reserve Engineers & Deming Rancher Captain & Restaurant For Sale

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Reserve Engineers Going To Camp Cody for Duty

The following reserve engineers have been ordered to Camp Cody, according to army reports: Captains Warren R. Thompson, Wilbur M. Wilson, Ernest E. Carlson, Leon H. Brady; First Lieutenants George A. Rogers, Robert H. Ely, Daniel R. Crosswell and Robert S. Boynton.
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Deming Rancher Captain

A captain’s commission in the engineering corps has been given to A. L. Taylor, a ranch man living here in Deming. He was examined at Santa Fe and El Paso. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, September 19, 1917
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For Sale – Restaurant doing first class business at Camp Cody; owner drafted. For particulars address Joe Harrington, Deming, New Mexico.  – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, September 19, 1917

December 10, 2011

Major From Fort Riley to Be Camp Cody Sanitary Officer

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Major Reuben M. Pedderson has reached Camp Cody From Fort Riley, Kansas, to be sanitary inspector. Captain B. C. H. Harvey, once a professor of anatomy in the University of Chicago will be an assistant. An Iowa captain, Roy W. Smith, Second Infantry, will have four ambulance companies under his direction,  when they arrive. Out of all the troops arriving here since Sunday there are only eight or ten sick or injured in the base hospital. Rains Tuesday and at night have made some mud in Camp Cody and the roads leading to it. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, September 19, 1917

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Main Part of Camp Cody Completed, as Planned

Camp Cody, as originally planned, is completed, according to Major C. H. Miller, quartermaster constructor. By October 1 the base hospital group and the remount station will have been finished. A rifle range of 1000 acres is being surveyed, west of the reservation. Trenches will be dug in that locality, where bombing and all the new features of training will be practiced. Camp Cody is divided into four districts for fire protection. Major O. A. McGee is the fire marshal.- El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, September 19, 1917

December 3, 2011

“NEW” Camp Cody Picture Now at New Location

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I have moved the “NEW” Camp Cody to a new location. Click on photo below to check out these new Camp Cody scans:

Camp Cody Truck No. 2 - Deming, New Mexico - 1918

Men At Cody Send Money Orders Totaling $60,000

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Deming, New Mexico – September payday among the troops at Camp Cody resulted in about $60,000 worth of money orders being sent home to their dependents and other persons. O. G. Fisher, camp paymaster, has 11 assistants. It is reported that the soldiers are mailing more than 12,000 letters a day.

Y. M. C. A. building 4 and 5, for the men of Nebraska and South  Dakota, will be opened this week. The 32 secretaries selected for duty here by the Y. M. C. A. have been ordered to report. The library here will contain 5,000 volumes from the American Library Association.

Adj. Gen. James Baca, from Santa Fe, conferred here with local authorities on the project of turning the Deming armory into a clubhouse for the men of Camp Cody. He will refer the matter to Gov. W. E. Lindsey and the state defense council. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, September 20, 1917

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