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January 29, 2011

$20,000 Swimming Pool – July 26, 1918

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Myron A. Kesner, local representative of the War Community Board,  was notified by wire this week that the budget committee of the organization has set aside $20,000 to build a swimming pool for the use of the soldiers in Deming and Camp Cody. As the War Camp Community Board operates outside the camp, the pool will be located somewhere in the city, but the exact site has not yet been determined. The Telegram stated that the money is now available, and the work will be stated as soon as possible. A meeting of the board consisting of J. A.. Mahoney, A. W. Pollard, J. G. Cooper, Dr. P. M. Steed, and N. A. Bolich, was held on Wednesday to discuss the details of the proposed swimming pool and to decide on the most feasible plan of action. A. A. Fisk, the El Paso representative of the board, is here this week conferring with Mr. Kesner on the matter and offering suggestions as to the best methods to be followed. – Deming Headlight Newspaper

Natatorium - Deming, New Mexico

Swimming Pool not finished until after the end of World War One.


January 22, 2011

Another Camp Cody Quartermaster Dance – July 12, 1918

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The Quartermaster Corps at Camp Cody have issued another official order to their friends inviting them to a dance that is to be held on July 18th at the armory. Not only do the Quartermaster corps run to classy stationery when they are reputation as host and entertainers that is not excelled by that of any other organization in camp. These invitations are being eagerly sought after by many people in Deming, and the next Quartermaster dance is sure to be better than those that have gone before it. – Deming Headlight Newspaper

Armory Deming, New Mexico

January 10, 2011

Rushing Work on Camp Cody Sewer System – July 12, 1918

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Major Frederick P. Simonds, constructing quartermaster at Camp Cody, states that he now has five ditching machines at work preparing for the installation of the new sewer system at Camp Cody which will cost, when finished, close to $500,000.

It is hoped to complete the system by August 15th, but this depends largely on the supply of labor and on delivery of the materials that will be used on the contract. Major Simonds says that he is anxious to secure more Mexican labor and that the rate of pay is 25 cents an hour for an eight-hour day, or, if the men work ten hours, they will be paid time and a half for the extra two hours. – Deming Headlight Newspaper

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