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October 27, 2014

(Camp Cody) Will Bury In Arlington For Period of War

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Bodies of 2 French Officers Drowned in Desert Go Under Escort.

The bodies of Lieutenants Fernand Herbert and Jean Jegou, of the French army, who lost their lives when their auto was carried away in flood waters in the Silver City “wash,” while they were returning from a visit with friends at Tyrone, New Mexico, Friday night, will probabley be shipped Wednesday noon for interment in Arlington national cemetery at Washington, D. C., for the period of the war, at least. An escort of four officers and 16 noncoms is being selected to accompany the bodies.

Major Theier, superior officer of the French military mission, in charge of officer instructors in the southern camps, was here from San Antonio, Texas, Monday. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, July 30, 1918

October 11, 2014

Big Parade At Camp Cody On Fourth Of July

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Column Is To Contain All Branches of Service In Training.

The 34th division headquarters have approved the order of parade for the Fourth of July as follows:

Order of Parade

Marshal of the day, Lieutenant Col. Geo. W. Ball, commanding officer, fourth officers’ training camp.


Floats – The Spirit of ’76, ’61, ’98 and ’18, interspersed with bands.

National colors supported by the colors of allies.

Float: “Columbia”.

Massed bands.

Infantry and Artillery.

Platoons of infantry, cavalry and machine gunners.

Sections of artillery, radio, ammunition train, military police, sanitary train, six ambulances.

Float: base hospital, one platoon of recruits, one platoon of regulars.

Float: Red Cross, Auxiliary

The parade will start from the open space at the post office and move north on Cook avenue, through section 8, then west past remount depot, to Y. M. C. A. avenue, west to the base hospital, south past the base hospital, south past the base hospital to Cody Avenue, east to 11th street, past the reservoir, south to the main entrance to 34th division headquarters where the parade will be reviewed by division, brigade, regimental and separate units commanders and their staffs. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – June 14, 1918

October 6, 2014

Base Hospital On Pine Street To Be Given New Name

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Equipment Going to Camp Cody and Old Building to Be Used for Other Purposes

The old base hospital on West Pine street soon will be known by another name and will be used for other than hospital purposes. The equipment of the building now is being moved to the new base hospital in Camp Cody under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Davis. This work should be finished by the fore part of next week, when all of the hospital facilities of the camp will be concentrated in the one group of buildings, with good results in convenience and increased efficiency.

As soon as vacated, the buildings of the “old base” will be used to house the orthopedic casualty detachment of the Thirty-fourth division. To this detachment are sent the men who have any remedial physical defects, which can be cured by special gymnastic exercises and special training, under physicians selected for this purpose.

This work has been going on for some time in the Thirty-fourth division, which was the first in the United States to institute a school of this character. The orthopedic surgeon, Lieutenant Truehart, now is in Washington, D. C., attending a meeting of surgeons. The idea has been spreading rapidly and has been taken up by several divisions in the country. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, May 1, 1918

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