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November 28, 2011

Col. Bushnell is Retired; 20 Dentists Go To Camp Cody

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Army orders published show that Col. George E. Bushnell, medical corps. Who for years had been in command at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, the army tubercular sanitarium, has been retired. He has been in Washington recently.

Dental reserve officers assigned to Camp Cody are: First Lieutenants. LeRoy C. Anderson,  Louie T. Austin, Ingvald G. Bergh, Leonard C. Brusletten, Edwin F. Brush, Archibald B. Butter, John J. Carran, Ray D. Curry, Patrick M. Dunn, Magnus A. Gerde, A. E. Nannestad, Albert W. Odell, Endred C. Oswald, George H. Ribbel, Frank R. Steirly, Roscoe e. Stewart, Lewis R. Stowe, James J. Weeks, Louis R. Weiss, Wayne W. Wooley. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, September 20, 1917

November 19, 2011

Big Camp Is Well Drained

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Army engineers’ Plans Work Well; New Regiment Grade Streets.

Deming, New Mexico – Camp Cody’s drainage system is a complete success. During the last 48 hours an intermittent rain has fallen, and the freedom of the camp from mud holes demonstrates the fact that Uncle Sam’s engineers know their business.

A few of the company streets in the camps of the various regiments had to be remodeled a little, but the general condition of the camp in this regard is excellent.

Have Best Streets.

The men of the Fifth and Sixth Nebraska infantry and the First South Dakota cavalry, have been busy grading their streets and the space in front of the officer’s quarters, and that section presents the best appearance of any in the big camp. Every foot of ground was first leveled, the raked and rolled into a surface as hard as rock.

The camp is beginning to take on a very active appearance, about 6,000 men having arrived within the last two days. The total military population of Cody is now approximately 12, 000. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, September 20, 1917

November 12, 2011

Big Camp Has Quiet Holiday

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Thanksgiving Enjoyed by 4000 out of Camp Cody; Sick are Given Vaudeville.

Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – Thanksgiving passed off very quietly in camp, good cheer in the way of a dinner in keeping with the day’s traditions being the principal feature. At least 4,000 officers and enlisted men dined out of camp, but cheer was not neglected here for turkey and trimmings’ were
on every dinner table.

The new base hospital on the west side of camp reported a splendid spread, skillfully cooked and that all patents are reported doing well.

Entertainment for the Sick

Through the courtesy of James Carriegen, owner of three theaters here, the Jack Crawford company entertained the patents and attendants at the new base hospital with songs and vaudeville stunts. This was provided under the management of Mrs. R. C. Hoffman of the local war service board. Dr. and Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bickford and Mr. and Mrs. Myron A. Kesner, all of Deming, were guest of the hospital at dinner.

A considerable number of soldiers was invited by patriotic citizens of Deming to dinner in the latter’s home. About 1,500 officers and men went to El Paso to take in the great football game. About 50 enlisted men and non-commissioned officers went to Hurley in acceptance of invitations of citizens there. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, November 30, 1917

November 6, 2011

Big Band For the Hospital

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – H. M. Nelly,. Division adjutant, announces that massed band concerts will be given at the base hospital every Sunday morning at 10:30 o’clock. This is a new feature by this band, composed of all the bands in camp and led by Sgt. Jacob Schmidt, leader to the the 133 rd infantry band. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, June 1, 1918

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