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May 26, 2018

New Division of Draft Army Ordered Formed At Camp Cody

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In announcing today that the organization of three new army divisions has been ordered, General March, chief of staff, stated that one division will be formed at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico. The new division will be the 97th. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, September 7, 1918


May 19, 2018

New Methodist Tabernacle Opens in Deming On Sunday

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Sunday evening is set at the time for the formal opening of the new Methodist tabernacle on Iron avenue in Deming. From 6 to 7 pm a reception will be held by the pastor, Rev J. B. Bell, with Mrs. Bell and the official board of the church. Refreshments will be served and orchestra of the 127th heavy field artillery will furnish the music. A flag drill by school children will be a feature. Address by different camp pastors, chaplains from Camp Cody and representatives of the Y. M. C. A. will be made.

The tabernacle cost $3,500 and has a seating capacity of 800 people. It also has a large social room, well equipped. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, March 9, 1918


Tabernacle Church – Deming, New Mexico

May 12, 2018

Tommy Connolly, Camp Cody Division Boxing Instructor

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Tommy Connolly, division boxing instructor, has been doing excellent work at Camp Cody. Himself a very clever fighter with a good record behind him, he has proved himself as good a teacher as a performer. Perhaps Tommy never heard of pedagogy, but regardless of that, he has applied sound pedagogical principles in his instruction. He has grounded his pupils thoroughly along fundamental lines and carried the work along in logical sequence. He has taught men with no previous boxing meets. As boxing is compulsory at Camp Cody, Tommy and his assistants have instructed some 25,000 soldiers in the art of self defense. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, May 18, 1918


Tommy Connolly – Camp Cody

May 5, 2018

Lieut. Col. A. H. Hollingsworth At Camp Cody

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Lieut. Col. A. H. Hollingsworth, “Holly” as he is affectionately though discreetly known among the men of his command, never to his face, you understand, is an officer who fills a large niche in the hearts of the men of the Sixty-seventh brigade, and particularly the 134th infantry, of which he is the second in command at Camp Cody. He will be one of the two military speakers on this afternoon’s program.

The colonel began his military career in humble capacity, as a private in the First Nebraska Infantry, and within it climbed through the various grades until, at the inception of the Spanish American war we find him a captain. He saw service in the Philippines; with the regiment on the border last year, also.

The colonel is know in Nebraska as a consummate politician, through his personal service in political capacity extended no further than the postmaster-ship of Beatrice, Nebraska, during the first term of President Wilson.

He is popular among the enlisted men, who recognize in him a friend and un-official adviser, strongly leaning toward anything that spells their welfare, though as summary court officer of the regiment he may have to “hang it on them.” His hobby is the maintenance of an efficient guard. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, April 26, 1918


Lieut. Col. A. H. Hollingsworth

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