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March 24, 2010

Big Union Peace Thanks Meeting At Tabernacle on Sunday Evening

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At a meeting of the ministers of the city, it was decided to have a union peace thanks meeting in Deming. Sunday evening, November 17.  G. P. Rockwell, song leader for Camp Cody, will have charge of the music, and the instrumental music will be furnished by an orchestra composed of the following talent from Camp Cody: Lieutenant Patterson, manager; Lieutenant Brunden, director; Lieutenant Bohl, violin; Lieutenant Rodgers, cornet; Lieutenant Ragen, trombone; Sergeant Fields, cornet; Sergeant Constant, piano; Corporal Harris, saxophone; Corporal Leo, clarinet; Private Kerensky, clarinet;  Private Sheidler, drums; Private Struble, violin; Nurse Helen Osterheldt, soloist. The meting will begin at 7:15.   Deming Headlight Newspaper – November 8, 1918

March 18, 2010

Officer At Camp Cody Never Became Naturalized – 1918

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Omaha, Neb. – It has just developed that Major Henry A. Jess of the Signal Service, now at Camp Cody, who was born in Germany, has never been naturalized. He came to America when 8 years of age and was 28 when his father obtained his second papers.

Major Jess is 42 years old. He has held many civil offices and was with the Nebraska troops on the Mexican border. His home is at Fremont.

Published: April 20, 1918 – Copyright “The New York Times”

March 12, 2010

Primary Units of the 34th Infantry Division – Camp Cody

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67th Infantry Brigade:
133d Infantry Regiment
134th Infantry Regiment
126th Machine Gun Battalion
68th Infantry Brigade:
135th Infantry Regiment
136th Infantry Regiment
127th Machine Gun Battalion
59th Field Artillery Brigade:
125th Field Artillery Regiment
126th Field Artillery Regiment (75mm)
127th Field Artillery Regiment (155mm)
109th Trench Mortar Battery

Divisional Troops:

125th Machine Gun Battalion
109th Engineer Regiment
109th Field Signal Battalion
109th Train Headquarters and MP
109th Ammunition Train
109th Supply Train
109th Engineer Train
109th Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies & Field Hospitals 133, 134, 135, 136)

Source – Plevell/Plevel Families Webpage

March 7, 2010

Camp Cody Cooks Set World Record in 1917 or 1918

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A world’s record for bread baking has been established by Baking Company No 328 of the Quartermaster’s Department of the National Army. The bakers are composed of men from the Tenth and Twenty fourth Infantries. They are established at Camp Cody Deming New Mexico.

Bread Baked At Camp Cody

March 4, 2010

Registrants Sent to Camp Cody – June 28, 1918

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Luna County Men Called to Colors and Thirty-One Sent Out to Be Examined This Week.

Thirty-One more draft men reported for induction into the army from Deming and Luna county this week, eleven of them being sent to Camp Cody on Monday and twenty of them on Wednesday, and five more will be sent inside a few days, according to the figures supplied to Captain R. C. Reid at Santa Fe by the local draft board. Twenty-three men who registered in Luna county have been transferred and entrained by other boards under call 670.

The examining board examined five candidates for the army on Tuesday evening and did not get a soldier out of the entire bunch, whose complaints ranged all the way up to tuberculosis.  – Deming Headlight Newspaper

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