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March 16, 2014

Camp Cody Officer Escapes Death

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Captain Howard B. Kimball, military assistant to the constructing quartermaster of Camp Cody, who miraculously escaped death when the automobile which he was driving was struck by a Southern Pacific train several weeks ago and demolished, has been dismissed from the base hospital. He was thrown clear of the train and only sustained minor bruised and contusions. Captain Kimball has rejoined his family and is able again to transact much of the business of his department at camp. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, November 23, 1917

Camp Cody Auto With Train Tracks In Background

Camp Cody Auto With Train Tracks and Train Depot In Background

March 10, 2014

Camp Cody Men Invited to Eat Turkey In N.M. Mining Town

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People of Hurley Would Serve Home-Cooked Meal to Fifty or Sixty Privates

F. A. Wicks of the Chino Copper company, at Hurley, New Mexico has invited, through General Frank G. Mauldin, commanding officer of the Thirty-fourth division, fifty or sixty men of Camp Cody, preferably privates and non-commissioned officers, to take Thanksgiving dinner in the mining town. It is planned to serve them a home cooked meal in the homes, and the party will be divided into groups of two or found for the purpose. Dinner will be served at 5 o’clock and an entertainment will be provided for the quest later in the evening. General Mauldin has accepted the generous invitation and took occasion to thank Mr. Wicks, the Chino Copper company, and the people of Hurley for this patriotic and greatly appreciated manifestation of their patriotism. Many division officers at headquarters were greatly impressed by the hospitable spirit of the residents of Hurley. Four of five men will be selected from each organization to take the trip and the list will be announced as soon as it is completed. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, November 23, 1917

March 1, 2014

Mask Dance At Deming On November 10

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Comforts Committee of 109th Engineers Arranging for Benefit Event

Arrangements are practically completed for the masquerade dance to be given by the comforts committee of the 109th Engineers at the Deming armory on the night of November 10 for the benefit of the men of the regiment. The party will doubtless be one of the most elaborate yet given in this city since the arrival of the troops, and a large attendance is expected. The dance will begin at 8 o’clock sharp owing to the recent ruling in camp that dances must close at 11:30 o’clock. The committee in charge, composed of Mesdames E. H. Schulz, P. V. Walker and W. R. Thompson, assisted by the wives of the division staff officers and the patronesses of the Deming chapter of the Red Cross society, requests that all the quest arrive punctually, in order that the interesting program, which has been arranged, can be carried out in full. Officers or ladies of El Paso are cordially invited to attend the masquerade, and it is hoped by the committee that some will find it convenient to be present. Mrs. Thompson will entertain following the dance at a supper to be given in honor of Brigadier Generals Frank G. Mauldin and George H. Harries. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, November 8, 1917

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