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May 27, 2012

Camp Cody to Have A Chautauqua

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Redpath Bureau Has Tents Ready for Army Camps; Is Making Program

Myron A. Kesner, of the war department commission on training camp activities has received a letter from the officers of the commission in Washington to the effect that the Redpath lyceum bureau has placed at the disposal of the government all its Chautauqua tents, 106 in number, and the pick of all the talent controlled by the bureau. The cooperation of a number of theatrical managers has been assured, who will assist in selecting the entertainers.

The present plan is to pick the best of all the talent controlled by the lyceum bureaus, and make 32 programs which will be one for each cantonment and national guard camp in the country. Marc Klaw, of the firm of Klaw & Erlanger, has been appointed on the commission, and will be given charge of all arrangements for this undertaking.

The local service board will cooperate in very possible way, and the whole matter will be under the whole matter will be under the instruction of Brig. Gen. F. G. Mauldin, the new division commander of Camp Cody.

Mr. Kesner has been advised that the tents are on board cars, and will be shipped, in charge of a manager and crew, as soon as arrangements to handle the proposition have been completed. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday – September 20, 1917

Camp Cody Chautauqua Tent Show

May 21, 2012

Camp Cody Buyers Making Record

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Soldiers in 34th Division Have $1,586,750 for Uncle Sam’s Second Load

Col. Phil L. Hall’s committee brought the Liberty load investment of the officers and men in the 34th division to $1,586,750 on this morning’s report, having added $126,000 to the totals given Wednesday. Increase in the total is expected, Col. Hall said, before the campaign closes Saturday night.

For Luna county A. W. Pollard, of Deming, reported $205,000, all of the subscriptions coming from Deming people except $7000, raised in Columbus, outside of the military. Mr. Pollard said it was hoped to increased the total to $225,000.

Raymond Teal, theater man, raised $5,000 himself and wife investing $1,000 each and the Duckings subscribing for $3,000. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, October 25, 1917

May 13, 2012

59th Depot Brigade No Longer Exists as Separate Organization

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The Fifty-Ninth depot brigade, which has had a peculiar status in the Thirty-Fourth Division, does not longer exist as a separate organization. It formally passed out of existence yesterday, and the majority of the national guard officers there will be absorbed by the Sunlight Division, as well as a few of the officers of the Officers’ Reserve Corps. There will still remain approximately one hundred officers without commands, and these, according to a statement made several days ago at division headquarters, will be transferred to some other camp. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday November 28, 1917

May 5, 2012

Camp Cody Leads in Liberty Bonds

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Only Army Camp Which Takes More Than $2,000,000; Ohio Camp Next.

The 59 th depot brigade, General George H. Harries commanding, which includes soldiers from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Dakotas, as well as the 126 th field artillery (first Iowa artillery), Col. J. E. Brandt, commanding may rank ahead of similar units of the entire army in the investment in Liberty loan bonds when the full report is received. Camp Cody leads in loan subscriptions and per campita over all cantonments, according to advices to General F. G. Mauldin’s headquarters and chairman Col. Phil L. Hall, Jr. This camp was the only one that ran over $2,100,000. Camp Meade, at Admiral, MD., subscribed $1,607,800 total and a per capita of $89.39. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – November 5, 1917

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