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May 25, 2013

Minnesotans In Camp Cody – Part 2 of 2

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Y.M.C.A. Opens Camp Cody Hall

The official opening of the camp Y.M.C.A. Was observed in an open house entertainment, in which several camp officers participated, among them Major Charles H. Miller, constructing quartermaster; Major Logan from Iowa, his assistant, and Captain Whipperman and Captain Miller from the same department, General secretary E. F. Denison, who will have charge of six buildings to be located at the camp, made a brief address.

Soldiers Do Stunts

Private McLain of company G, Sixth Nebraska infantry, did athletic stunts and corporal Le Roy of company C, Sixth Nebraska, allowed a 100 pound granite rock to be broken on his skull with a sledge hammer, just to show that they needn’t have a bomb proof ready for him in France. His home is in Alliance, Nebraska.

Stunt Nights on Program

A stunt night each week is now on the regular program of the Y.M.C.A., along with three “movie nights,” a religious service night and a language service night and a language class night. Each building will have an open air moving picture show and athletic stage. Only one of these building is completed. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, August 23, 1917

May 18, 2013

Minnesotans In Camp Cody – Part 1 of 2

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Farmer Company of Olivia, Minnesota Joins Men From Other States at Deming

The first detachment of the Minnesota national guard arrived at Camp Cody Wednesday and were allotted to the extreme northwest part of the camp. It consisted of 123 enlisted men and three officers of company H, Third Minnesota infantry, headquarters at Olivia, county seat of Renville county, a rich farming country 100 miles west of Minneapolis. Captain William A. Brown, of Duluth, was in charge of the lot, with First Lieut. Lawrence N. Laplant, of Anoka, and Second Lieut. Lawrence M. Carlson, of Renville. Most of the men were with the Minnesota bunch last year on border duty at Brownsville, Texas, having been home only since Christmas. The rest of Minnesota guard will come here later, the first detachment having been sent as workmen to hasten preparations for the main Minnesota body.

Captain John T. Sales promotion to major

Captain John T. Sales, 12th infantry on visit at Camp Cody from Columbus, received notice of his promotion to major, also, and orders to attach himself to the camp as ordnance officer. He left for Columbus and will return August 25. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, August 23, 1917

May 11, 2013

Major Miller, Who Directed Camp Cody Building, Leaves

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Major Charles H. Miller, constructing quartermaster, under whose direction and supervision this camp was built, accompanied by his wife, are en route to Washington, where he will report for further duty to the quartermaster general. A dinner was given the major here by the government and civilian contractors. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, November 9, 1917


May Send Soldiers Home to Help Harvest Crops

Secretary of war Baker has a plan to permit farmer boys in the army to return to their homes at periodical intervals to assist in crop production. He outlined it today to a delegation of New York farmers who protested against conditions created by the scarcity of labor. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Saturday, December 22, 1917


Nebraska Governor Objects to Reassignment of Troops

Governor Keith Neville, of Nebraska, left here today for Washington to take up with the war department the question of reassignment of Nebraska troops at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, in such manner as will separate them from their comrades. Governor Neville will also take up questions with officials at Washington in regard to the draft and action on exemption claims, the interpretation of the law in some cases not being entirely clear to the state officials. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, September 27, 1917

May 4, 2013

Iowa Troops To Be Reviewed At Camp Cody Today

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Ceremony in Honor of Lieutenant Governor and Other Visitors From Hawkeye State

There will be a review of the organizations in the 34th Division from the state of Iowa tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock at the Polo Grounds in honor of Lieutenant Governor E. R. Moore of Iowa. Other distinguished visitors here from Iowa who will be present are Harry Marshall, proprietor and editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette; George Yuill, capitalist; Harry Newell, prominent in the state, and Hon. A. S. Reed, one of the commissioners of Cedar Rapids. Brigadier General Mauldin, commanding officer, will be absent from camp on a visit to Silver City and Tyrone and the troops will be reviewed by Brigadier General Allen, commander of the 67th brigade. The organizations which will participate will form in column of masses facing south at the parade grounds. The line will be formed as follows, with 100 feet intervals between the units, troops passing in review at full distance: 67th brigade, Second Iowa band; 125th machine gun battalion, 126th machine gun battalion, 127th machine gun battalion in column, 109th ammunition train, First battalion, 109th engineers, field hospital 134th, field hospital 133rd in column, ambulance company 134, ambulance company 133 in column, outpost company field signal battalion 126th field artillery. The Second Iowa band will play all organizations past the reviewing officer up to the 126th field artillery. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, November 27, 1917

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