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February 25, 2012

Camp Cody One-Third Built – Part 1 of 4

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Under the prodding of the national cantonment headquarters at Washington, the organization of the construction quartermaster in Deming and the efficiency of the government contractor on the job. Camp Cody is nearing completion at the rate of four percent per day.

According to a daily progress report made in the office of Major Charles H. Miller, construction quartermaster and submitted to Washington, the great cantonment is now 37 percent completed.

This general assault upon nature for the sheltering of 36,000 soldiers assumes great magnitude in view of the fact that all of the raw material like the army or workmen had to come over the rails from great distances. The recruiting of this huge total of men and supplies was one of the first tremendous problems of general contractor J. W. Thompson of St. Louis. To date he has brought 284,000 cars of material of all sorts and 4,000 workmen to fashion it.

Desert Spot Being Transformed

The site for the Deming cantonment did not present the problem of land clearing which many of the other national cantonments did, but desert conditions offered impediments as great. Thousands of loads of gravel were added to the main roads of the camp to keep the heavy army trucks from sinking deep into sand. New railroad spurs were built and are being added each day for the purpose of delivering supplies material to the various parts of the reservation which is almost three miles in length by one mile in width. Two big wells were sunk, a pumping plant installed, and many miles of water mains laid to furnish the camp with the first requisite, and then electric wiring had to be strung by the rod to make the place habitable at night. And only after those things were attended to could the carpenters come in and begin their devil’s tattoo with hammer and saw. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, August 24, 1917

February 18, 2012

Six Hundred Pound Fruit Cake Is Baked for Camp Cody Hospital

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, November 27. The largest cake ever baked in the state of New Mexico will be served to the patients at the base hospital at their Thanksgiving Day dinner. It is a 600 pound fruit cake, and was baked by Alex House, one of the patients. Following the dinner a musical and vaudeville program will be given by Jack Crawford and his troupe. The entertainment will be in charge of Mrs. H. C. Hoffman of Deming.- El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, November 27, 1917

February 11, 2012

Camp Cody’s Ground Improved – Nebraskan – Red Cross Dance

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Camp Cody’s Ground Improved Since Rains; Few Drills

Deming, New Mexico – Camp Cody is taking on a fine appearance since the rains. Regimental grounds are being steadily improved. Home sickness among a few companies is the most serious illness reported. The morale of the camp is good, officers said. There have been no drills yet except for recruits and a limited amount of practice by signalmen from Nebraska.
Nebraskan is Adjutant of 34th Division at Camp Cody

Deming, New Mexico – Major W. A. Steele, former adjutant general of Nebraska, is the new assistant division adjutant coming here Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a Spanish War Veteran.

Lieut. Col. J. M. Coffin, division surgeon, has announced that a medical officers’ school for the 34th Division will open in Camp Cody October 1. Enlisted men will receive instruction also.
Attend Red Cross Dance

Deming, New Mexico – Three hundred persons attended the Red Cross dance Friday night, including many army officers and their wives. The enlisted men will dance tonight. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – September 22, 1917

February 5, 2012

Bishop Schuler Dedicates K.C. Hall At Camp Cody Sunday

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – J.F. Martin, secretary at the Knights of Columbus hall here, said that the plan to have some able orator to speak and other features at the hall in honor of the formal dedication of the building had been abandoned.

The ceremony of dedication will be performed by Bishop Anthony J. Schuler of El Paso, at the Sunday morning service at 10:30 o’clock, when he will celebrate pontifical high mass.

The building has been opened for use of the soldiers for about two weeks. It has double walls and floor and large heaters have just been installed making it one of the most comfortable building in camp. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – November 17, 1917

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