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September 17, 2009

Camp Cody Getting Ready for Athletic Events

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The Deming Headlight Newspaper on June 14, 1918 reported that Lt. Sylvester Harter would be in charge of the Fourth of July “Athletic Events” at Camp Cody. Lt. Harter is the chaplain of the 127 th Machine Gun Battalion.

Lt. Van Brunt of the 126 th Field Artillery will take care of the mounted exercises. Major T.C. Crimmins who is the Assistant Division Judge Advocate will organize the baseball games. All other matters will be handled by the Division Athletic Office.

September 10, 2009

New Fire Station for Camp Cody

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It was reported in the Deming Headlight back on June 14, 1918 that Major Frederic P. Simonds has received orders to build a new fire station. Major Simonds it the construction quartermaster at Camp Cody.  The new fire station will be one story in height and will be 32 feet by 88 feet. It will be located in a central point near the Liberty Theater.

Camp Cody has two motor drawn apparatus will be kept in the new station. The station will include quarters for the officers and a dormitory for fifteen firemen. The old fire station with a motor chemical engine that is in the rear of divisional headquarters will not be abandoned.

One of the Camp Cody Fire Engines in 1918

One of the Camp Cody Fire Engines in Deming, New Mexico

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