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October 29, 2017

The Manager of the Liberty theater at Camp Cody Travels

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A. J. Hawley, manager of the Liberty theater at Camp Cody, has been to Fort Bliss, at El Paso, Texas, arranging for the opening of a similar theater there while waiting for the putting up of a regular Liberty theater in that camp. He says he has made tentative arrangements for having theatrical productions put on at one of the regimental “tabernacle” pending the highly probable building of a Liberty theater. Mr. Hawley says he is to have charge of the Liberty Theater at Fort Bliss, in addition to the one here. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, May 27, 1918


October 21, 2017

Soldiers at Camp Cody Have a Library of 27,300 Books

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The American Library Association here now has 27,300 volumes listed and cataloged and 100 boxes more to work over. The grand total promises to be well up toward 50,000 volumes. The library force is getting up a list of 1500 volumes for the use of the “casual” camp, composed of 7,061 select draft men who began coming in on Saturday.

A box of books is to be sent out with the 109th engineers and engineer train and other organizations which are to start on a hike and practice march on the 28th to the Gila national forest, 60 miles north of here. This library recently sent 16 boxes of books for the traveling library which furnishes books to soldiers in the small and isolated camps along the international boundary line. Miss Ethel F. McCullough, in the El Paso library, looks after this work. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, May 27, 1918


October 14, 2017

To Bothers at Camp Cody Learn of Their Misfortune

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Having received notification of the serious illness of his mother in Sioux City, Iowa, Leroy J. Murphy, secretary of the Knights of Columbus, and his brother, Sergeant Frank Murphy, secretary of the Knight of Columbus, and his brother, Sergeant Frank Murphy, 126th machine gun battalion, left for that place, but according to word received here, were notified en route that their mother had passed away. The body was taken east for interment at the former home of the family, at Fall River, Mass. The many friends of the two brothers in Camp Cody will be sorry to learn of their misfortune. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, April 25, 1918


October 7, 2017

Legal Profession Is Well Represented at Camp Cody Military Camp

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Every profession and occupation is more or less well represented in Camp Cody and not lagging behind the others is the legal profession. Not all the lawyers who enlisted “went after” commissions, either, though many of those who are now numbered in the enlisted personnel of the division doubtless have shown have shown fitness to hold them and may obtain them through the medium of the training school now in operation.

With the installation of a small but excellent law library in connection with the A. L. A. Librarian William H. Powers made an effort to get in touch with the lawyers in the camp so as to inform them that the books were at their disposal, wither for reference in the library, or, should they desire to continue their studies, to be withdrawn and used in the same manner as any other book in the library. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Sunday, May 19, 1918


Camp Cody Library

October 3, 2017

Camp Cody Director of the American Red Cross Quits

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Leaves Red Cross To Resume Practice of Law

Albert G. Simms, who has been field director of the American Red Cross in Camp Cody for the past few months, has quit that service now that the military camp has been abandoned. He was at the Paso del Norte hotel Wednesday on his way to Albuquerque, where he will resume the practice of law. Mr Simms stated that Robert Dietz, who had been associated field director of the same service at Camp Cody, had also quit and is going back to Albuquerque. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, December 19, 1918


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