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November 29, 2014

Camp Cody Fire Laddies Now Quartered In New Structure

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Equipment, While Modest, Is Efficiently Manned and Sufficient for Camp Needs.

Camp Cody “fire department” is on the job having been installed Sunday in the new building at the south end of the document distribution office, just west of the division headquarters building. The equipment is modest, but entirely sufficient for the job, as it will be supplemented by the various hand reels stationed in each section throughout the division and by the Deming Fire department, in case of urgent need.

A Dodge engine and chassis with a specially constructed body is the single piece of apparatus in the shed. It is painted olive drab and on the hood is lettered “Q. M. C.” It is equipped with a 35-gallon chemical tank served by 150 feet of 1-inch chemical hose, has two hand chemicals and two Pyrene extinguishers.  It also has axes and light wrecking equipment. In the rear is a hose box capable of carrying 150 feet of standard 2 ½ inch fire hose. It also has special containers in which the soda and acid needed to recharge the chemical tank and hand extinguishers can be carried. A gong which can be used to warn traffic is affixed to the side of the seat.

The personnel of the department has not been made known yet. Temporarily stationed in the building are Sergeant (first class) W. T. Banning, quartermaster corps; Sergeant W. E. Hayward, quartermaster corps, and Sergeant John A. Kyle, company L, 135th infantry. Whether this force will be maintained or will be supplemented, or still other men appointed on the job, is not know at present.

The truck is similar to that in use at all cantonments and has the virtue of being able to make excellent time in getting to a fire anywhere in the camp, while it is not too cumbersome to be handled easily on the narrow roadways of Camp Cody. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – May 21, 1918

November 23, 2014

Camp Cody is Urged As a Recuperating Center

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Attention of the war department has been called to the many advantages Camp Cody, New Mexico, has to offer as a recuperation center for gassed soldiers returning to the United States from France. It is strongly stressed that after demobilization of the division now at Deming that camp will be ready to accommodate large numbers of gassed troops for whose recuperation, it is declared, the climate of Deming would prove highly beneficial. Fort Bayard is now accommodating a number of gassed men. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – November 29, 1918

November 17, 2014

Buffalo News Will Send Smokes to Buffalo Men

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At the request of the Buffalo Evening News, The El Paso Herald is asked to state that any Buffalo, New York men at Camp Cody, Fort Bliss or on the border, are entitled to participate in the News “Smoke Fund.” If they will send their names and addresses the News will be glad to send them a supply of smokes from the News “Smoke Fund” free of charge, according to a letter from George Therrien, manager of the “Smoke Fund.” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, November 22, 1918

November 8, 2014

Brigadier General Johnston is in Full Command at Camp Cody

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Brigadier General John A. Johnston, N. A., commander of the 68th infantry brigade, as the ranking general left in the 34th division here, today assumed command of the division in addition to his first mentioned duties. General Johnston came here a few weeks ago from the department of the east and took command of the brigade named. He resigned some years ago from the regular army with the rank of brigadier general. When the U. S. entered this war he tendered his services and was given the rank of brigadier general, but in the national army. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, July 3, 1918

November 1, 2014

Body of Camp Cody Private Sent to Marion, Iowa, to Final Resting Place

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The funeral services of Private (first class) Everett Leasure, battery E, 126th field artillery, took place Sunday morning, the body being sent back to Marion, Iowa, where his father, C. B. Leasure, resides. This was the first funeral in the 126th field artillery since its arrival here last fall. The service was conducted by Chaplain Albert Harrt, while a caisson was used to transport the casket from the Mahoney undertaking establishment to the railroad depot. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, March 26, 1918

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