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January 21, 2017

General Lindsay Gives Parting Advice to Camp Cody Soldiers

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Urges Men Not to Forget Salute and to Boost For Universal Training

“Don’t forget the salute, boys, when you meet an officer in uniform, even though you are in civilian clothes. It is a polite and nice way of saying ‘good morning,’” said General James R. Lindsay to Camp Cody soldiers who were enjoying a farewell demonstration.

The 322d headquarters train and military police and provost guard company, under command of Col. Dorsey Cullen, gave a farewell banquet and entertainment at K. of C. hall, the commanding general and Mrs. Lindsay being guest of honor.

The general told the boys not to forget the army “salute.”

“It is usually the case that three years a soldier, always a soldier,” said the general, “but most of you boys have been in the army only a few months and are now glad to get back into civilian life.

“I am sorry we couldn’t go across, but you are all entitled to the same measure of credit as though you had gone overseas. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, December 6, 1918

January 14, 2017

General Blocksom Not informed Who His Successor Is

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Brigadier General Augustus Pl Blocksom, commander of Camp Cody, who has received telegraphic notification of his return to regular army as commander of the department of Hawaii, does not know when he is to leave nor will he until the actual printed order reaches him, which probably will be today. He has had no inkling of who his successor as camp commander will be, he said when interviewed.

Though General Blocksom may be ignorant on this point, there are hundreds of privates and non-commissioned officers in the camp who can enlighten him. In different parts of the camp the boys are playing different favorites. The most persistent report is that Major General Leonard Wood is coming, one sergeant major even went so far as to call up division headquarters and ask for confirmation of the report that General Wood had arrived in camp all set and ready for business.

But there are others: Take, for instance the report that General Tasker H. Bliss is coming. Of course he is only a full general and several divisions would be his command under ordinary conditions, but he is coming, according to rumor. Then there is General Hugh L. Scott, and several others. It seems to be a case of the wish being father of the thought.

There are countless rumors in the Sixty-fifth infantry brigade as to who the successor of General Resche is to be. This also is unknown at the present time. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, April 24, 1918

January 7, 2017

Gene Harris’s Captain’s Commission reaches Camp Cody

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Eugene L. Harris, former El Paso lawyer and legislature representative, has written his mother, Mrs. W. J. Harris, 2320 Montana street, that he has received his captain’s commission at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, where he is assisting in training troops in the national army. Captain Harris was a graduate of the first officers’ school at Leon Springs, Texas last year. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, June 3, 1918

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