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February 24, 2019

Camp Cody 388th Supply Company Get New Commander

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Captain Cady, the new commander of the 388th supply company, led company E, 104th infantry, 26th division, the New Englanders who did valiant service overseas. He saw many companions shot down near him but escaped bullets, blasting shell and gas. For eight months he was on the fighting line.

Captain Cady was with Pershing in Mexico and is personally acquainted with many New Mexico officers having come to the border with the Massachusetts troops. – Deming Graphic Newspaper – November 29, 1918

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Storm Stops Camp Cody Track Meet

The 34th division athletic field and track meet, programmed to take place on the grounds at the division exchanged theater Saturday afternoon had to be postponed on account of a terrific sandstorm, which prevented anything like sport. The meet is set down for next Saturday afternoon, commencing at 2 o’clock. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, May 27, 1918


Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – WW1

February 16, 2019

Troops Leaving Camp Cody at Rate of 500 Daily

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Two troop trains are leaving Deming, New Mexico, daily, containing discharged soldiers, the ticket office there showing a daily sale of over 500 tickets, according to Garnett King, chairman of the El Paso passenger traffic committee. The government is furnishing individual transportation to all those soldiers living west of a line through Fort Worth, Des Moines, Ia., and to Minnesota. Men living east of that line are being sent to Fort Worth and Des Moines and demobilized there.

The federal authorities intend to demobilize most of the troops at Camp Cody, but the headquarters organization, the military police and the remount depot will be held until the last. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – December 10, 1918


Camp Cody – Mimbres Valley

February 10, 2019

Thompson Finishes Work on Big Contract At Camp Cody

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J. W. Thompson, contractor, who for several months has been putting in big improvements in Camp Cody, has practically completed the work and the office force is now finishing its work. It is said that the work under the Thompson contract this time cost well over $1,750,000.

Among the principal items were a sewer system costing about $550,000; increasing and improving the water system, over $40,000, and installing ranges in kitchens for the new 97th division, which was to have been trained there if the war had continued as was expected, over $40,000.

Then there were bath houses with cement floors and with hot water equipment, and the like, considerable building, and other construction work. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, December 2, 1918


Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

February 2, 2019

Camp Cody Soldiers Saved Deming From Big Fire

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Mayor Hamilton Sends An Official Letter of Thanks to General Johnston

Major R. F. Hamilton, of Deming, has sent the following letter to Brig. General John A. Johnston, commander of Camp Cody.

“Dear Sir: I am directed by the board of trustees of Deming to thank the officers and men of your division through you for the assistance rendered to our fire department and the people of Deming at Thursday’s fire.”

“The board of trustees, members of the fire department and the people of Deming are unanimous in their expressions of praise and gratitude for the inestimable services of the members of the 34th division, which alone made it possible to confine the fire within the area in which it was held and thereby prevented a conflagration which would have consumed practically all of the business section, perhaps even including the government warehouses in the east end of Camp Cody”.

“Permit me also to convey to you the admiration of the people of Deming for the men during the fire, for the courageous manner in which they went into hazardous places and to express the opinion that if the “Sandstorm” division displays the same courage, enthusiasm and singleness of purpose when it is called into action overseas, and we feel confident it will, it will give its officers and the whole country every reason to be proud of it.”

“Expressing the desire of the people of this community to be of assistance to you in every way, and that you may not hesitate to call upon us at any time should occasion demand, I am very respectfully yours. (Signed) R. F. Hamilton, Mayor”

The Deming Public Library association has sent a letter of appreciation to Major H. M. Nelly, adjutant of the 34th division for the help of the soldiers in saving all the library books and building. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – July 15, 1918


Cody Theatre Fire – Deming, New Mexico – July 1918

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