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July 25, 2009

June 7, 1918 – Captain S. E. Moore Leaves Camp Cody

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The Deming Headlight Newspaper reported that the British Veteran Who Taught Machine Gunnery at Camp Cody is going to Camp Hancock, Georgia. Before the Captain’s departure he was the guest of honor at a banquet given by the officers of the 125th, 126th and 127th machine gun battalions in which Captain Moore was the instructor.

Captain Moore has worked hard for several months to train the men of the 34th Sandstorm division for the strenuous work of machine gunners. The Camp Cody soldiers will have to perform as soon as they reach the front. Captain Moore’s machine gun companies are acknowledged to be among the best trained troops in the entire division.

Major S. B. Philpot acted as toastmaster and wished health to “The Best British Officer We Ever Knew”. The Camp Cody men who trained with Captain Moore were sad to see him leave.

Captain R. B. Pike and Captain A. G. Post of the 127th machine gun battalion were on the committee making the arrangements for the banquet.

July 20, 2009

YWCA Notes – June 7, 1918

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The Deming Headlight Newspaper back in June of 1918 reported that the 126th Field Artillery band gave an enjoyable concert this week at the YWCA Hostess House. The YWCA plans to have a concert every Monday evening which the Deming residents and any visitors are invited to attend.


July 15, 2009

“The Sand Storm Division” Song – June 7, 1918

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The Sand Storm Division – By M. Lauretta Green

There’s a camp known as Cody,
Down near the borderline,
In a little town called Deming,
Where the climate sure is fine.

Where the water is the purest
In the entire U.S.A.,
Where the wind blows the hardest,
And the sand flies all the day.

There are “boys” from Minnesota,
And good old Iowa;
Also some from North and South Dakota, too.
And Nebraska set a lot –
Who are “Johnny on the spot,”
Oh, a finer bunch of men you never knew.

   Chorus –

So, look out Kaiser Bill,
You had better make your will,
For the Sand Storm Division’s on your trail;

For they will make you pay dear,
With a “Hun” for every tear
That you’ve caused –
All your scheming won’t avail.

They just want the chance
To make those Germans dance.
With their little “rifle pill”
They will “get” you, Kaiser Bill.”

They are drilling every day
To fit them for the fray;
They are eager and longing to go –
For they’ve got the “sand” and “grit,”
And are keen to do “their bit” –

They are fighters, as you know.
They just want a show to scrap
And put Germany off the map.

For our “thirty-fourth” division
Are capable and strong,
But they like to take a look at No Man’s Land –

They are tired of Camp Cody.
Like the famous “Steve Brodie,”
They would all take the same chance
To get to France

   Chorus –

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