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July 24, 2011

9th Engineers To March To Camp Cody, Deming

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The Ninth engineer train has received orders to proceed, by marching overland to Camp Cody, New Mexico for work in connection with salvaging that camp. It was said at division headquarters that the march would probably be started Wednesday morning. It is estimated that about four days will be required to reach the camp.

Five days rations and forage have been issued by the zone supply office. The Fifth cavalry was ordered to supply one ambulance for this march. The Ninth engineer train has been located near the smelting plant in El Paso for some time past. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – January 14, 1919

July 16, 2011

Army Accepts Silver City Man’s Laundry Offer For Camp Cody

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Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico – Lieut. Col. A. O. Davis, commander of the base hospital, states that the patriotic offer of Henry Borenstein, of Silver City, to move the machinery of his and his sister’s Ideal laundry at that place down to the base hospital here for the use of that institution during the war, had been accepted. Col Davis says that the machinery will probably be brought down from Silver City in about a week and installed in the laundry building now being prepared for it.

The plan is to run the laundry as a post exchange institution, not as a government affair, at cost, plus enough profit to pay for depreciation of the plant. In compliance with Mr. Borenstein’s patriotic offer he is to be given the management of the laundry so as to vie him the opportunity to serve the cause of the war he asked for. He is asking no recompense for the laundry plant and only a soldier’s compensation for himself as an employe of the post exchange. The proposition is considered one of economy for the hospital, where the matter of laundry is costly. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – May 31, 1918

July 13, 2011

500 Cases of Measles At Camp Cody, Alderman Jolly Says

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Approximately 500 cases of measles, all of a very mild form, were under treatment at Camp Cody, Deming, and about 12, 000 men under a camp quarantine, according to information furnished alderman W. G. Jolly, of El Paso, just returned from a business trip to the camp city. At one time, 18,000 men were under the quarantine, said Mr. Jolly. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – December 3, 1917

July 5, 2011

12 Minnesota Men Taken Off Train; Have Influenza

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When a Minnesota contingent of drafted men arrived in El Paso on their way to Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico, Thursday afternoon, 12 men who were ill of influenza were taken from the train and moved to the base hospital at Fort Bliss for treatment. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – October 25, 1918

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