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June 25, 2016

Demobilization At Camp Cody Now Under Way – 2 of 2

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Hold Only Regulars

Drafted men and volunteers will be discharged simultaneously and in all probability only regulars will be held. The men of the base hospital camp quartermaster corps, remount depot and other organizations will be the last to go, in the opinion of Captain Hankla. Little preference in discharges will be given men having dependents. Commissioned officers, non-coms and privates will be mustered out simultaneously. Demobilization will be orderly and discharges equalized throughout the camp.

Every man and officer before being discharged will receive a rigid physical examination, more rigid in fact than any to which they have been heretofore subjected. It is the intention of government to return the soldiers to civil life as good or better physically than they were when they entered the army.

Men failing to pass examinations will be held for observation and treatment. Discharged men will be given complete outfits of army clothing which at the end of four months will be returned to camp with the exception of underclothing and socks. The government will provide money for traveling expenses.- El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918

June 18, 2016

Demobilization At Camp Cody Now Under Way – 1 of 2

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Men are Already Being Discharged; Will Take 2 Weeks to Complete

Demobilization of the 97th division and the discharged of all men who enlisted or were drafted for the period of the war, will be completed in about two weeks and possibly sooner, is the opinion expressed by Captain William H. Hankia, camp personnel adjutant, who will direct the demobilization of the military forces here. Captain Hankia says that the discharge of men is already left for their several homes. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, December 4, 1918

June 11, 2016

Deming Jitne Drivers Ask For a Zone Rate

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The service car drivers who ply their trade between Deming and Camp Cody have petitioned the military authorities to establish zone rates. It is said they ask a 15 cent rate between Deming and that part of Cody avenue going to 34th division headquarters: a 20 cent rate to and from the 59th field artillery brigade, and a 25 cent rate between Deming and Yucca avenue and the base hospital.

The rate now prevailing between Deming and all points in camp is 15 cents, reduced from 25 cents by Brig. General Blocksom while he was in command of the division. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Wednesday, July 3, 1918

Jitney Drivers

Jitney Drivers

June 4, 2016

Newman’s Camp Cody Animated Crest Makes Might Big Hit

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The animated crest of the 34th division, photograph by. Almeron Newman, Representing the buffalo head and olla, and spelling out the words in living figures, ‘Duty, Honor, Country,” and the figures 34. was reproduced In the New York Times’ midweek pictorial, which  pronounced it the finest division picture mad, the. year. Nearly all the big Sunday papers of the United States used it and Mr. Newman has received orders for the photograph from all over the country. Lie sent several thousand to Camp Dix and is still mailing them out to people who appreciate real an. Mr. Newman and his associate, Mr. Patterson, are studying photographic designs for the new 97th division that will make the world sit up and ‘take flat “C””. – Deming Headlight Newspaper – Sept 1918


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