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June 30, 2012

Camp Cody to Have A Big Fourth

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Days Opens With Parade, Ending With Circus and Slide Shows

Everything has been hustle at the division athletic office all week getting ready for the great celebration on the Fourth of July, for Captain L. R. S. Ferguson, head of that office, and division headquarters, especially division adjutant Major H. M. Nelly, are intent upon making this a memorable day in the annals of the “Sandstorm” division.

The celebration will begin with a patriotic parade over the camp, out south of camp by the water tanks, est to the Second street entrance to the camp, and back to headquarters for review; the singing of the national anthem and the reading of the declaration of independence at all brigade and designated headquarters; an athletic meet at the division exchange theater, and in the afternoon, mounted races, a pie eating contest, a baseball game, a grand circus parade with circus in the evening at the athletic field by the theater. –  El Paso Herald Newspaper – July 3, 1918

June 23, 2012

Construction Work At Camp Cody Nearly Done

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Major Charles H. Miller, construction quartermaster, stated today that this week would see completed all the building work in camp excepting the corrals for horses and the guardhouse stockade, for which the wire has not come, and the installation of heating apparatus in the baths and mess halls. Heating stoves are to be put in the latter temporarily.

The rifle range, about two miles out, is completed and the bathhouses are enclosed. The construction work now going on is he building of the stables for the artillery and machine gun horses, and Major Miller says these will be finished this week. Work on the stadium at the athletics grounds in the old reservoir site is well under way. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – November 1, 1917

Construction Work At Camp Cody

June 16, 2012

Camp Cody Will Not Be Abandoned

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Mayor Nordhaus Characterizes as a Lie, Report of Suspension at Deming.

“You can say for me that it is all an absolute lie,” said mayor Morris Nordhaus this morning, when told that reports were in circulation to the effect that there was a possibility of abandoning Camp Cody.

Dwight E. Breed, of Austin, ex-secretary of the Texas Public Health association, is here representing the Austin Rotary club, investigating conditions. He was sent here by the Rotary club after the Austin people had hard reports that the camp was about to be abandoned. Telegrams were also received here today from El Paso stating that rumors were current there that Camp Cody was to be abandoned.

“Gen. Blocksom is pleased with the camp site,” said mayor Nordhaus, “and there is no letup on the work in progress at Camp Cody and there will be done.

Plenty of Water, Says Mayor

“There is absolutely no truth in the reports that we cannot supply the troops all the water they need. We have two wells here that will supply as much water as all the wells at San Antonio. We have a pumping capacity of 12,000 gallons a minute and can keep the pump going 24 hours a day if necessary. Anybody can see that we can supply enough water for all the troops that will be here.” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, September 7, 1917

June 9, 2012

Camp Cody To Have Six, Possible Seven, Y.M.C.A. Buildings

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E. F. Denison, chief secretary of the Y.M.C.A. Here, said that he has received authority to put up at once another building, which will be the sixth in this camp. It will be located west of building No. 5, convenient to the artillery section in the west end of camp. Mr. Denison also said that he was quite certain of getting instructions to put up a seventh building very soon.

Building No. 4 has been given up to the use of contact camp occupants and is now quarantined with the soldiers of that camp, which has been moved from near the new base hospital to very near the “Y” No. 4 building.

Bishop Francis McConnell, of Denver, did not preach at the Y.M.C.A. Thanksgiving services in the big   “red triangle” tent Thanksgiving morning. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, November 29, 1917

Camp Cody Y.M.C.A. – Deming, New Mexico – Jan 1917

June 4, 2012

Observation of 1918 Memorial Day Will Be Serious One In Deming

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Memorial Day ordinarily is observed in unthinking manner by the people of the country, who make it an occasion of feasting and merry-making. This year will be different. America at last is taking part in the world war and the ever-lengthened casualty list are bringing home to the people of the country the gravity of war and the necessity for a day of prayer for the souls of the departed. Nowhere will greater honor be shown the heroic dead of the nation than in Camp Cody. May 30 has been set aside as a day of humiliation, prayer and fasting.

A program arranged by the chaplains of Camp Cody will be held at 10 o’clock on the morning of the 30 th. Major Ezra C. Clemans, chaplain of the 136 th infantry, will act as presiding officer of the meeting. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Sunday May 26, 1918

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