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September 8, 2019

Smileage For Camp Cody Boys

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Will Give Them a Chance to See a Show

Not only has the Liberty theater come to stay in Camp Cody, as is indicated by its steady popularity among the officers and men of the 34th division, but it is the hope and intention of Lieutenant J. W. Pierce, representing division headquarters in the management of the playhouse, that the friends and relatives of the men of Camp Cody shall assist the soldiers to see the show. To this end he is about to start a campaign through the newspapers of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, for Smileage, to be sent to Camp Cody for distribution among the soldiers.

A soldier’s pay, under existing conditions, with Liberty Loan, compulsory allotment, etc., deducted from it, is no lordly sum, and in order that the men of the camp may have an opportunity to attend the Liberty theater with any degree of regularity, it will be needful for their relatives and friends to buy and give them Smileage books.

This week has witnessed crowded houses at the theater. A feature of the bill is a prize waltzing contest. Eight soldiers identified by the last number on their by the last numbers on their identification tags, are called to the stage at the end of each performance and waltz with eight of the young women of the cast. Individual applause is taken to mean the favor of the audience for any particular couple. At the end of the week the soldier prize winners will waltz against one another and prizes be given those whose dancing meets the approval of the audience. There will be a first and second prize. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, May 3, 1918


WW1 Smileage Book – Camp Cody – Deming, New Mexico

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