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March 17, 2019

“Sandstorm Division” May Be New Name for Camp Cody’s Thirty-Fourth

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The name “Sunshine” having been preempted, Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Raymong, chief of staff of the 34th division, has suggested the name of “Sandstorm” be attached to it. This suggestion, embodied in a memorandum issued Friday, will be voted on by the division. The memorandum, which gives the reasons for the name, follows:

“It is necessary to find a new name for this division, as the term “Sunshine” has been per-empted. For an effective appellation and one, at the same time, that shall be always reminiscent of our stay in Deming, it has been suggested that we call ourselves “The Sandstorm Division.”

“While the new name will always remind us of some of the most persistent climatic peculiarities of Camp Cody, it is not to any facetious suggestions the term “sandstorm” may inspire that your attention is directed. There is the persistence of the sandstorm, its power, its overwhelming nature. When it arises in its might, even the most violent of men are subdued and seek shelter.

“All, too, know the potency of the sandblast. Before it the most obdurate of substances give way. It will back its way into the heart of the most resisting of metal.

“The Sandstorm Division” – the term furnishes a fitting and effective allegory of all that the 34th division aspires to be. Shall the term be adopted? You are requested to turn in your answers, Yes or No, to these headquarters before 4 pm. Saturday, April 20, 1918. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Sunday, April 21, 1918


The Sandstorm Division

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