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February 2, 2019

Camp Cody Soldiers Saved Deming From Big Fire

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Mayor Hamilton Sends An Official Letter of Thanks to General Johnston

Major R. F. Hamilton, of Deming, has sent the following letter to Brig. General John A. Johnston, commander of Camp Cody.

“Dear Sir: I am directed by the board of trustees of Deming to thank the officers and men of your division through you for the assistance rendered to our fire department and the people of Deming at Thursday’s fire.”

“The board of trustees, members of the fire department and the people of Deming are unanimous in their expressions of praise and gratitude for the inestimable services of the members of the 34th division, which alone made it possible to confine the fire within the area in which it was held and thereby prevented a conflagration which would have consumed practically all of the business section, perhaps even including the government warehouses in the east end of Camp Cody”.

“Permit me also to convey to you the admiration of the people of Deming for the men during the fire, for the courageous manner in which they went into hazardous places and to express the opinion that if the “Sandstorm” division displays the same courage, enthusiasm and singleness of purpose when it is called into action overseas, and we feel confident it will, it will give its officers and the whole country every reason to be proud of it.”

“Expressing the desire of the people of this community to be of assistance to you in every way, and that you may not hesitate to call upon us at any time should occasion demand, I am very respectfully yours. (Signed) R. F. Hamilton, Mayor”

The Deming Public Library association has sent a letter of appreciation to Major H. M. Nelly, adjutant of the 34th division for the help of the soldiers in saving all the library books and building. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – July 15, 1918


Cody Theatre Fire – Deming, New Mexico – July 1918


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