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January 26, 2019

Beyerstedt Puts Out a Song For Camp Cody Fighters

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Violinist is Author Of Two New Songs, One Dedicated to Camp Cody

Bert Beyerstedt, “the violinist with the punch,” who recently appeared at the Crawford theater with the Raymond Teal company, has just published two snappy songs, one of them dedicated to the soldiers at Camp Cody. The songs are published by Beyerstedt Bros., Winona, Minnesota, Bert being on of the members of the firm.

The Camp Cody song is called “The Sandstorm Division” and bears a portrait of Miss Hazel Lake of the Teal company. The words are by Frank G. Jaquet, a former member of the Teal company.

The other song is called “Just a Girl and a Boy” and bears a full length portrait of Miss Madeline Lee, prima danna of the Teal company. The words of this song are by Arline Palmer.

The words to the “Sandstorm” song which is dedicated to the men of the 34th division, which Mr. Beyerstedt gives The Herald permission to publish, are as follows:

We are boys from Minnesota,
We are boys from South Dakota,
We are boys from Iowa, Nebraska, too
Through the sand and cactus drilling,
Just one thought our minds is filling
To collect a bill that now is overdue,
You’ll be sorry, Butcher Kaiser
But you’ll be a whole lot wiser
When this sandy, hand bunch get after you.


It’s the Sandstorm division
That will put kaiser Bill over the hill
When we get over to him, we will show-
That it’s a case of fight, not blow,
So, lookout, for we are on our way
And we will make you Germans pay
And you Austrians and Turks,
We will get the whole damn works
It the good old Yankee way – It’s the way.

There will be no more Turkish harems,
No more German harem-scarems.
We will crush your “me unt Got” phrase good and well,
We will make all you Huns,
Hear the voice of our great big guns,
We will then revenge the death of nurse Cavelle
And your baby killing kaiser,
We will grind to fertilizer.
Give to him a thro’ trip ticket down to hell


In this land that is so free,
No more sauerkraut you will see.
No more linburger the air will ever stench
No more “German fries” now will we eat
Or with German laager treat,
But bury all of them down in a trench
For the Sandstorm is out to kill,
And we will get you, kaiser Bill,
We’ll join our pals, the English and the French


El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, August 9, 1918


Camp Cody Band – Deming, New Mexico – WW1


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