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January 19, 2019

Camp Cody Soldiers Have Garbage Rules

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Coming Out of Mess at Camp Cody, They Drop Leavings In Cans

Hereafter when soldiers emerge from their mess halls they will find confronting them seven, different cans for the reception of any waste that may be in their mess kits.

In the first can they will put bread, next meats and fats, then come bones, then coffee grounds and such, next tin cans and lastly fruit pits and seeds, which plum, olive and date, the latter being used in the manufacture of carbon for gas masks.

All these are kept separate and carefully weighed after each meal, and nothing that has one cent value in it is allowed to go to waste.

Records Are Kept.

Careful records are kept so that at any period designated the nutrition officer is able to report to the commanding officers the exact wast of any portion of food.

Where large numbers of men are served a “director of garbage” stands with a cane and indicates into which can articles are to be dumped.

Mess kits are washed, first in hot soapy water, next in clear water and lastly in clear hot water. Sanitation, conservation, reclamation, seems to be the camp slogan. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, October 15, 1918


A Company Kitchen – Camp Cody, New Mexico


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