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December 8, 2018

Base Hospital, Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico

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“Winds, That Have Moved The Friendly Trees”

by Sergeant Glenn Ward Dresbach

Winds, that have moved the friendly trees to speak,
With lyric voices, to us when we went –
How long ago it seems – down roads to seek
New gladness and new dreams and wonderment,
When Spring comes back you will not find us there,
And will not miss us, and the grass will grow
And bluebirds sing and Earth-life thrill the air
As one glad Spring ago.

In our mid-western lands some one shall sow . . .
Sunlight and starlight and the quiet rains
Shall fall on peaceful fields that shall not know
How blood is spilled on battered hills and plains
Across the seas. Homes shall keep Liberty-
Although the olden happiness gives place
To thoughtful hopes and faith like comes to be
In each loved absent face.

The moonlight shall look in on places strange
To tears, and tears shall glisten, but the Night
Shall hold no driving foes. No better change
Of host that ravish waits the coming light,
The Light of Dawn! . . . What broken homes are these?
What hearts by strife and sorrow stricken dumb?
What pitted fields? What mangled, helpless trees? . . .
O bleeding France, we come!


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