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January 7, 2018

Camp Cody Men Off on 8-Day Hike

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They Cheer Chance to Get Into Open.

Sixty-Eighth Infantry Brigade Will Trek Almost to Hurley Before Retreat Sounds.

To the accompaniment of the cheers of the men, glad to see service in the field, the 68th infantry brigade left Camp Cody Friday morning for an eight days’ hike which will carry it almost to Hurley and return. Field maneuvers, include problems of attack and defense, probably will relieve the monotony of the hike. Colonel Erie D. Luce was in command, with Major Arthur M. Nelson as his adjutant, Major C. B. Robbins, adjutant of the 67th infantry brigade, and Lieutenant Clair B. Arnold, aide, accompanied the brigade as observers.

In addition to the 135th and 135th infantry and 137th machine gun battalion, special units from the sanitary train, including field hospitals and ambulance companies, and part of the field signal battalion, accompanied the brigade. Portions of the horsed section of the 109th supply train accompanied the column, while it will be provisioned and kept in contact with the camp by the motorized section of the supply train.

The people of Deming were somewhat disappointed that the brigade did not come through town on its way out on the hike, as the 67th brigade had done. They appreciated the military show made by the latter. Instead of doing this, the column left the camp and went directly into the country to the north.

The 67th brigade made such and excellent record on its hike that the 68th will have to go some to beat the “rattlesnake” unit of the division. However, it was their expressed intention to make the effort. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Sunday, May 19, 1918

Camp Cody Men Off on 8-Day Hike

Camp Cody Men Off on 8-Day Hike


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