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May 8, 2017

Good News for Deming and Camp Cody

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Announcement by the chief of staff, General Peyton March, that a new division is to be created at Deming is the best news that town has had since the camp was built up to receive the division which left there at the conclusion of its training period.

Since that division’s departure, there have been may rumors about what would be abandoned; another that it would be turned into a big camp for convalescents. The version that it would become a recuperative place for convalesce may have been based on the fact that the hospital facilities at the camp have been greatly enlarged recently.

The announcement that the 97th division is to be organized at Camp Cody disposes of these two rumors and it is more likely that the new division will be found to consist of healthy young men. There will be the business of examining them, equipping them and organizing them for training. Then Deming will be as busy as when the other division was in camp.

This statement by General March is one for which Deming was been waiting for some time and it means a great deal to the town. It also is on some importance to El Paso for many El Paso firms had valuable connections in Deming.

The fact that another division is to be formed and trained at Camp Cody makes it almost certain that the camp will continue in existence as long as the war last, and if there had been any intention of abandoning the camp, that action probably would have been taken after the departure of the first division. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, September 9, 1918


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