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March 18, 2017

General Johnston Has Notable Career In Army

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New Commander At Camp Cody Will Visit Gen Howze, Old Friend

According to information received at military headquarters, in the Mills building, Brigadier General John A. Johnston, the newly appointed commander of Camp Cody, will spend several days in this city while en route to Deming, New Mexico, to assume command of the post.

General Johnston is a personal friend of Brigadier General Robert L. Howze and will be the quest of the district commander while he is here.

General Johnston has had a noteworthy career in the army. He graduated from the United States military academy with the class of 1879, was appointed second lieutenant of cavalry, saw service in the Indian campaigns in the west along the frontier and later was ordered to the adjutant general’s department, where he organized the system of records and returns which was an immense improvement over those used previously.

Because of his valuable services, he was promoted to the grade of brigadier general in 1902. After this, he resigned in order to take care of extensive business interests which demanded this personal attention. At the outbreak of the present war he offered his services to the president and was promptly recalled, being appointed a brigadier general, national army. He was ordered to command the northeastern department last September and has been on duty in Boston up to the time of his present assignment to Camp Cody. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, May 30, 1918

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