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January 21, 2017

General Lindsay Gives Parting Advice to Camp Cody Soldiers

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Urges Men Not to Forget Salute and to Boost For Universal Training

“Don’t forget the salute, boys, when you meet an officer in uniform, even though you are in civilian clothes. It is a polite and nice way of saying ‘good morning,’” said General James R. Lindsay to Camp Cody soldiers who were enjoying a farewell demonstration.

The 322d headquarters train and military police and provost guard company, under command of Col. Dorsey Cullen, gave a farewell banquet and entertainment at K. of C. hall, the commanding general and Mrs. Lindsay being guest of honor.

The general told the boys not to forget the army “salute.”

“It is usually the case that three years a soldier, always a soldier,” said the general, “but most of you boys have been in the army only a few months and are now glad to get back into civilian life.

“I am sorry we couldn’t go across, but you are all entitled to the same measure of credit as though you had gone overseas. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Friday, December 6, 1918


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