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June 15, 2015

Camp Cody Minstrels Make A Hit Here (Part 1 of 2)

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Present Melodies, Colorful Costumes and a Real Vaudeville Ohio

Southern and patriotic melodies, colorful costumes, and an olio that would at the Texas Grand theater with the Camp Cody minstrels for two performances Saturday and Sunday. The first part disclosed interlocutor F. A. Groger, backed up by end man W. G. Wallace, Charles T. Salisbury, Harold Bailey, Ed Schletty and 45 other well trained voices. There were some trained feet, as well, mostly depending from the legs of W. G. Wallace, the “Jeff” member of the end men team, who can “evermore dance” and them some. The Camp Cody orchestra, under the direction of Ernest C. Meyer, supplied the music.

In the first part, John M. Malvern sang “So This Is Dixie;” Harley Horan sang “Don’t Try To Steal the Sweetheart of a Soldier,” and Walter Ford gave “Sweet Little Buttercup.” Then John Brodie appeared in his Scotch specialty and made one of the hits of the Evening, his brogue being the real thing, though some of his songs have been made popular by Harry Lauder. Hugh Hall’s juggling was good and Earl de Lapp’s contortionist feats, with the long-coupled end man trying to imitate him, provoked much laughter. N. F. Phelps sang “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday Evening, April 29, 1918


Harry Lauder

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