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August 31, 2013

El Paso Designated As Supply Depot for Camp Cody

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All the purchasing of forage, fuel, foodstuffs, field, garrison and camp equipment, hardware, lumber and emergency supplies for the United States army, regular and newly nationalized, in the district from Presidio, Texas, to the Arizona border, including the 34th division at Camp Cody will be done at the general district deport in El Paso. This important duty for the local depot was given to depot quartermaster Captain James Regan Saturday by the war department. He immediately set things in motion to increase his office and warehouse forces materially to care for the great increase in movement which will result.

Raises Status of Depot.

Since the leaving of many regiments the El Paso depot had been reduced to field supply depot, continuing the quartermaster work only as pertained to the regular army district, subordinate to the department quartermaster at San Antonio. The new duties will place Captain Regan at the heard of as large and as important organization as Major William Elliott commanded here during the rush and training of national guard troops last year.

Pays All Troops Here.

Everything needed at Camp Cody will be bought through the El Paso depot. The paying of men’s salaries only, will be done by the officer designated there by Brigadier General A. P. Blocksom if he returns to that command. All disbursements for wages to the soldiers in the big district commanded by Colonel H. G. Sickel, outside of Camp Cody, will be vouchered and made El Paso.

Leaves Lots of Money Here.

Captain Regan explained Monday morning that much emergency buying would have to be done of El Paso merchants, notwithstanding the important contracts in force with eastern manufactures and jobbers. He takes bids on large supply contracts when there is time to do so he said. This will put practically as much government supply money in circulation here as last year’s method did, it was said by a merchant.

Captain Regan’s principal assistants are: Captain G. C. Randall, transportation officer; Captain G. H. Vauter, property officer, and Captain L. W. Kessler, finance officer. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Monday, October 22, 1917


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