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January 5, 2013

Camp Cody’s Men Get Staff of Life From Bakery Company No. 40

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The soldiers of the national army in Camp Cody are some bread eaters. They consume 10,500 loaves of two pounds each, or 21,000 pounds of flour daily. Every day big trucks go out from the division bakery located alongside the Southern Pacific railroad and very close to the Y.M.C.A  general headquarters, distributing the bread to all the mess halls.

This bread, all of superior quality is baked by bakery company No. 40, commanded by Lieutenant Eugene F. Hanum, and consisting of 101 soldiers transferred here from the  24th infantry and the 10th cavalry of the regular army on September 8. Of this company about 25 are highly skilled bakers. The baking is done in 14 Holbrook-Dunn patent field ovens in general use at army post. The men work in two shifts of 42 men each.

Lieutenant Hanum is quite proud of his bakery company, as to the quality of the bread turned out, and the industry and discipline of the men. The bakery camp is in every way neat, sanitary and creditable. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Tuesday, October 9, 1917

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