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October 20, 2012

Deming’s Boom Like An Old Time Rush To Gold Diggings – Part 3 of 4

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Purity Campaign Strict.

The problem of prime importance is the purity campaign which mayor Nordhaus has instituted. In this the city has cooperated with the government, and city police and detectives work in unison with a small army of federal secret service men. The result is that no epidemic of vice has been permitted to take root. A city ordinance was put into was put into force several weeks ago limiting the number of saloons in Deming, and these, largely because of the orderly disposition of the crowds, brought about by many other purity measures, continue to be quiet and free from disturbances.

Painted Women Discouraged.

Women with too artistic complexions are politely and firmly reasoned with at the railroad station. It is right about face for these and other disturbing elements as soon as they alight at the depot platform. Two police specialists from El Paso have been installed, police captain Tom Avaunt and chief of detectives Boyd.

Putting Millions in Buildings.

Buildings at Deming, either in progress or ready to be begun as soon as carpenters may be obtained, will amount to $2,500,000. The largest item of this huge program is the subscription of $1,000,000 for stock in the big Murray & Layne wholesale house, which is about to be begun on a location near the union depot. Most of this stock has been subscribed locally. Plans for this enterprise have been approved and the contract will soon be let. – El Paso Herald Newspaper – Thursday, August 23, 1917

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